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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 25 reviews

        I have used alot of rudder pedals and these are my favorite.
        They were easy to set up, pretty much they work straight out of the box unlike the other VBK stuff i have used.
        they are great, super precise and have good adjustability if your happy to take the time.
        they are also great if you have a multi purpose rig as they are a small profile, i have all my race controls setup with my pedals, slide my seat back and bam there are my anti torque pedals, neither gets in the way of the other.
        yes they don't have toe brakes but that is a really overated part of rudder pedals, yes i mostly use them as anti toque pedals but i also like to fly fixed wing and really a leaver on your stick is more then enough for brakes, I've used thrustmaster, CH, and MFG pedals and these are my favorite! and all the others had toe brakes

        Hi Pete,

        Thank you very much for your positive and detailed review.
        We trust that many simmers who may not be familiar with VKB products will find your comments really helpful.

        VKB Support Team

        Luke Winduss


        Thanks very much for the positive comment and 5 star rating, Luke.

        Regards, VKB Support Team

        T-Rudder Mk.IV

        Solid build quality and very precise in game. A game changer for flying helicopters in DCS World.

        Thank you Heath for the positive comments.

        We trust you will have many exciting flights in the future with the T-Rudder.

        Regards, VKB Support team

        Aiden T
        Perfect addition to the cockpit

        I’ve been looking for a way to get rudder pedals into my main rig for a while. I have the Thrustmaster Pendulum Rudder pedals but it’s just a chore to swap out my driving pedals to fit it in.

        Until I found the VKB t-Rudder (Mk4).

        It’s compact enough to fit inside the footwell and built like a proper set of pedals - not a plastic springy unit. You can modulate the rudders with enough finesse and sensitivity.

        Hi Aiden,

        Thank you for your very positive review and we are very happy you like the T-Rudder.

        The T-Rudder indeed is rock solid and incredibly precise.
        It adds that extra bit of realism to simulation games that should be experienced by all pilots.

        Happy flying!
        VKB Support team

        josiah Keogh
        Best pedals for the price

        excellent build quality, smooth action, simple yet effective.

        Hi Josiah,

        Thank you very much for the 5 star rating and positive comments about the T-Rudder.
        With it's all metal construction the T-Rudder is not only precise but we are sure it will last you for a very long time.

        VKB AU/NZL Support team