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        Customer Reviews

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        Thomas Knight

        Gladiator NXT Premium


        Don't fork out/settle for other brands, this one is the best. Plug and play. Heaps of buttons, ergonomically phenomenal, and cost effective.

        Well worth every dollar!

        When it comes to peripherals for a simulated gaming experience, the VKB Gladiator NXT's absolutely hit the mark. Even though together, the left and right sticks (Hosas setup) I purchased were priced relatively higher than your standard entry level joy stick peripherals. The build quality and the feel of the sticks are the best I've ever experienced for any joystick system I've purchased or tried before.

        As soon as you open the box you get a special almost bespoke feeling of quality. This extends to the quality of the packaging which is simple, but screams professional. The stick and the base come separate. You have to connect them yourself and even though it's not straight up plug and play out of the box, this somehow gives the feeling that you have really purchased a serious flight system. The customisable spring system feels extremlely smooth in game and can be calibrated and tuned very finitely.

        Not only is the product fantastic but the service from VKB is also impeccable. I needed a new PCB in one of the bases as I fear I may have accidentally damaged a connector during installation (be gentle when you install the stick). I sent the service team an email and they got back to me almost instantly. They sent me out the part I needed straight away and offered to take me through installation of the PCB even though it was very simple to install.

        I think this is one of the most enjoyable purchases I've ever made in for my PC gaming setup at home.

        If there was only 1 thing I had to be picky about. It might just be the 3 small buttons situated on the top of the base. The button caps feel a little wiggly. However, I understand this is because of the button type they used. Even so, they still have a nice click to them and still feel very tactile.

        If you are looking for value for money. This is exactly what you get. High quality sticks at mid range price.

        Brian Shaw
        Really good

        Great feel, ordered two for HOSAS.

        Finally a good feeling mid range stick!

        Thanks very much, Brian, for your 5 star review.

        There are lots of new simmers who use the Gladiator Premium or the Gunfighter Space Combat Edition for their HOSAS setups.

        Cheers, VKB Australia team

        Premium, no doubt.

        I love this stick so much I'ma buy a second so I can fly HOSAS.
        Very well built, like a luxury product sold at a mid-range price.
        Great to fly with and really adds a level of control and immersion (I'm using in Star Citizen mostly).
        There's so many buttons and hat sticks that you'll be spoilt for options, so much so you may want to download a button guide like that from Redditor THE_EMEUTIER to note down your bindings.

        I'm incredibly happy with the product so far (1 month use) and am glad I fell down the YouTube reviews rabbit-hole to discover there's more than just Logitech and Thrustmaster out there!

        Hi Jaimys,

        We absolutely love your review and the picture you sent.
        This is a really useful description for gamers new to the VKB product range.

        VKB Australia team