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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 3 reviews
        Great stick overall

        Coming from the Warthog, the preinstalled springs (I'm guessing #20A) are way too light - they give about 1/4 of the resistance of the unmodified Warthog which means that in a dogfight the stick offers virtually no noticeable feedback on how hard you're pulling. Takes a while to figure out the right springs that offer a discernible feel.

        My particular base also has a slight problem with re-centering from a deflection to the left, but from all the other directions it re-centers itself every single time. I really love how sensitive the base is around the centre which is great for formation flying and AAR.

        Although I'm not liking the plastic feel of the grip itself I love all the extra buttons/axes the grip has over the Warthog. Kinda wish the MCG Ultimate grip is sold separately on the AU store.

        Mingqian Chen
        Better than expected

        Works great with the 10cm extension and provide precision control for both plane and helicopters in DCS. Youtube videos are intuitive. You don't have to use the software if you are lazy like me, I just added some more springs, adjust the damp and plug it in. Everything works perfectly.

        Thanks very much for your positive feedback, Mingqian.

        You have indeed chosen a super setup!

        Regards, VKB Australia team

        First time purchaser

        Good products. The software UI is very comprehensive and quite complicated but there are plenty of YT videos available to help out if you get stuck.

        Thanks very much for the 5 star rating, Nick.

        The sheer multitude of options can be a bit overwhelming but we are more than happy to help any customers who need assistance during setup.

        VKB Australia team