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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 5 reviews
        Joshua C.
        Awesome product

        Everything looks and feels high quality, and nothing compares to the immersion of using quality metal hardware. I am very happy with it and it was well worth the upgrade.

        I was a little intimidated at first jumping into this one and customisation, but its really quite straight forward once you've got started. I can see myself using this and tweaking it for many years to come.

        Special thanks to Luke from the VKB team who went out of his way to give me all the specs/measurements, plus photos, before making my purchase decision.

        Hi Joshua,

        Thank you so much for the great review and your very kind feedback about our customer service.
        Yes, the MCG Ultimate is as the name says, the Ultimate as far as flight controllers are concerned.
        We are always happy to help with any questions and help our customer may need after they received their product. Our support never ends and it is our aim that customers are completely satisfied with their controllers.

        Cheers, VKB Australia team

        Ben Van Vliet
        Great product - awesome physical quality and software

        Excellent product quality and a massive step up from the Logitech X56 that I had previously - the difference in quality and precision is night and day. Software is extremely configurable and can do some cool and easy to set up axis-to-button and button press when moving an axis stuff. This makes it easy to configure across the inconsistent axis and button layouts in the DCS modules. On the hardware side, the included hat options and all the switches are top quality - really immersive to use, especially in VR. I had an issue with my twist axis, but customer support was excellent and this was fixed quickly. The cam and dampener settings options provide plenty for any possible use cases you might have.

        Hi Ben,

        Thank you very much for the positive review and the 5 star rating.
        Yes, the Gunfighter Ultimate is the flagship controller in our range and extremely reliable and configurable.
        We are glad you are enjoying yours!

        Regards, VKB Australia team

        Michael Murray
        VKB Gunfighter MK.III Ultimate - Excellent Flight Stick

        I have had this joystick for about 1 month now. Originally had an issue with some roughness on one of the cam surfaces. VKB provided me with a replacement and now all is good.

        The gimballed axis provides a very smooth feel. The metal grip of the ultimate along with the buttons give the unit a very premium feel.

        The ability to change spring tension through a reasonable range means you can customise the feel to your personal preference.

        I purchased from the Australian shop and the service from Luke has been excellent.

        Hi Michael,

        Thank you for your review of the Gunfighter Ultimate.
        We were glad to replace the imperfect part for you quickly.
        Being based in Australia we aim to respond to customer enquiries quickly (same day) and deliver any spare parts direct from our Australian warehouse.

        VKB Australia team

        Kun-Yao Huang
        Fantastic stick!

        I bought the stick back when MCGU was not even advertised in the AU store. I really glad that I asked the staff about the availability before I ordered the pro version of the MCG, not to say that MCG pro is bad, but the MCGU is a whole different beast.

        I was initially disappointed to find out MCGU does not back to center perfectly on stock settings, but after some research it turned out that the metal stick was too heavy for default springs. I added a pair of #20 springs and it centers back perfectly. It is so amazing that the stick is super precise being having 16 bit range (0 ~ 65535) and every time I release the stick it always back to 0. I think because the stick is curved forward so I think maybe adding more springs in Y axis would work better, but I am already very satisfied to current configuration so maybe I'll try that next time I need to open it again. Perhaps when I purchase an extension (hasn't decided on whether I want the 100mm or 200mm versions yet) and put it on stronghold.

        The only thing missing is the TECS. I'd really want to complete my setup by getting a TECS. (though trying really hard to purchase a CM3 instead of waiting for TECS :-) I haven't tried any of the VIRPIL sticks but I really glad I bought the MCGU and am supper happy with it. It might be the last stick I need to buy for the rest of the life. The staff in the AU store is also really very helpful and responsive. Highly recommended.


        Thank you so much for the awesome review, Jack.

        We love your detailed description on how you customised the Gunfighter Ultimate.
        Hopefully, we will have some good news about the TECS throttle system in the near future. We know that VKB HQ is working hard on this new product which will be an awesome addition to any serious gamer's setup.

        Thank you very much about your kind words about our service level. We always try to provide the best service possible.

        Regards, VKB Australia team

        Fantastic Stick

        Loving my MCG Ultimate. So much more precise than the stick I was using previously. Customizable springs, cams and dampers mean you will be able to set it up just how you like, not to mention the powerful software. Highly recommended

        Hi Gianni,

        Great to hear from you!
        We congratulate you on the purchase of the Gunfighter MCG Ultimate and thank you for the positive feedback.

        Regards, VKB Australia team