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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 18 reviews
        Michael BANYARI

        Great product. Great build quality, feel, options (springs, cams, buttons etc). Very Highly recommended. Wish I had bought one sooner. Fast delivery.

        Thanks very much, Michael, for your awesome review about the Gunfighter Ultimate.

        We are sure other simmers will find your feedback very useful.

        Happy flying!

        Regards, VKB Support Team

        Lloyd hayes
        nice build its pretty cool

        nice build its pretty cool

        Hi Lloyd,

        We thank you for the 5 star rating of the Gunfighter Ultimate. It's our premium flight controller and will be a trusty flight companion for a long time!

        Cheers, VKB Support team

        Paul Cook
        Gunfighter Mk.III ‘Modern Combat Edition’ Ultimate with Twist

        After getting sick of my thrustmaster warthog stick and its problems I upgraded to the MCG. Night and day difference, so smooth and precise. I have center mounted it with the 200mm extension and it makes flying heli's so much easier and fun. Awesome having so many buttons and flexibility to set them up with shift keys etc.
        I have found the config software really easy and like how you don't need anything running to use the sticks, really slick setup.
        Overall highly recommended worth the price!

        Hi Paul,

        We really appreciate your positive feedback and think the picture you attached gives other simmers a good idea of a well-thought cockpit setup.
        Thank you also for mentioning the customer service you received and the fast shipping.

        Regards, VKB Support team

        Exceptional product. Felt like Christmas came early opening this thing up.

        This stick is just amazing. Bought with 100mm extension and UCM-L GF mount.

        The whole package was a joy to put together.
        The build quality is 100%. Youtube videos that help you put everything together were great, and you can see how the insides(gunfighter base) work.

        - Packaging: 5/5 star. All neat and well protected on the inside. Easy to open.
        - Delivery time(Australia): 3 business days!!!! Lightning fast
        - Gunfighter base: Super smooth, accurate inputs. Upgrading from a CH fighterstick, I don't need a deadzone anymore. I have never been able to have such smooth and perfect landings in DCS. With this stick I am now a pro. This thing centers so well, and the clutch is amazing.
        - MCG ultimate: Buttons are awesome, all metal is awesome, the rubber grip on the side is cool. Super ergonomic.
        - Connecting the MCGU -> 100m extension -> gunfighter is easy.
        - The ability to change 2 of the HATS to personal preference is great. I switched the trim one out to something more 'trim' like (lol). And switched the mini-joystick to another HAT since I didn't need it. (might be handy for a space sim though).

        I brought the stick/base/mount over to a mates house who had the Vipril setup. The MCGU is ~50% bigger than the Vipril (Vipril is baby size in comparison).
        The biggest difference between the two was the dry clutch and the affect it has. Well worth having the clutch, without it the stick would bounce / oscillate for ~5 seconds.

        Some downsides:
        - Pinky button changing to ring finger button was a little weird at first. Got used to it after ~1 day though. (this is really small issue)
        - I nearly ruined one of the hex screw heads on the gunfighter base. There is 4x screws you need to take out to mount to the UCM-L GF mount. They are in extremely tight(more-so than the rest), so be careful to not let the Allen key slip.

        All in all. ABSOLUTELY NO REGRETS. Significant x 100 upgrade over my old setup. You can't get better than the MCGU + gunfighter.

        Thank you very much, Paul, for this very detailed and awesome review.
        We are sure many simmers unfamiliar with the VKB products will find this very helpful.

        Happy flying!

        Regards, VKB Support team

        Howard Parker
        Superbly made and beautiful to use.

        I purchased the grip with the 200mm extension. I was amazed at the improvement over my previous stick. This was especially noticeable in fine maneuvers like landing the Huey in DCS. The feel is great and the quality superb. Spring changes are relatively easy and a wide range of springs are provided. I also liked the dampeners however making the adjusting screw accessible from the top without removing the case would make adjusting a bit less of a trial and error job to get them right. I now have this and the pedals and I can recommend VKB for their quality to anyone looking for high end flight peripherals.

        Hi Howard,

        Thank you very much for the positive review and the 5 star rating.

        VKB Support team