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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 29 reviews
        Mark Vukotich
        T Rudder Pedals

        Without a doubt this will 100% make you a more accurate helo sim pilot. I have this connect to my GF MK III using just the 1 black box. Setup is easy once you know how but I did have to consult tech support. If you choose to use the provided blackbox and then connect it directly to the PC, then it's basically plug and play. This is the 3rd VKB product that I've purchased and their customer service never ceases to amaze me.

        Very solid

        Great bit of kit that adds an extra dimension to flight sims. Fairly easy to adjust for your setup/needs. Recommend

        Cameron Doyle
        Good hardware, awful software.

        I love the build of the pedals, they're fully metal and rather high quality, however the height adjustment isn't tool-less and will misalign over time if the nuts aren't properly tightened.

        My largest complain is the calibration software, it's a confusing and clunky piece of steaming dodo that you are forced to use if you adjust the height of the pedals. There are multiple axis' listed for the pedals... I don't know how that is possible but it is. Most the of extra axis' can be disabled however you'll have to tweak some variables to calibrate correctly. I had to read the documentation to figure out what this unintuitive mess was.

        I personally disabled all axis' except the "Rot X" and "D_MaRS". Then if you intend to lower the pedal height, you will need to increase a "D_MaRS" variable called "MPL" to at least 10. Then going to the tools and running auto calibration.

        Ultimately these are great pedals if you are willing to look past the software, I would prefer some heavier springs being included, but that's rather minor. VKB really needs to improve this software to have correct variables already set so auto calibration works out of the box.

        First rudder experience, not disappointed.

        I've been flight simming for nearly 5 years now. In that time I've never once owned a set of rudder pedals. I used the TWCS paddle and when that failed, the twist of the T.16K. To better my warbird and helicopter control I decided to grab these alongside a Gladiator EVO and I am very impressed. The metal construction feels quality and they are incredibly smooth. The only limit to flying so far is my own ability :)

        Thanks very much for the positive feedback, Jacob.

        Yes, a set of rudder pedals is incredibly immersive as it simulates reality much better. It's challenging in that you as the pilot require very good hand - foot - eye coordination.
        It's a lot of fun!

        Regards, VKB Support team


        I have used alot of rudder pedals and these are my favorite.
        They were easy to set up, pretty much they work straight out of the box unlike the other VBK stuff i have used.
        they are great, super precise and have good adjustability if your happy to take the time.
        they are also great if you have a multi purpose rig as they are a small profile, i have all my race controls setup with my pedals, slide my seat back and bam there are my anti torque pedals, neither gets in the way of the other.
        yes they don't have toe brakes but that is a really overated part of rudder pedals, yes i mostly use them as anti toque pedals but i also like to fly fixed wing and really a leaver on your stick is more then enough for brakes, I've used thrustmaster, CH, and MFG pedals and these are my favorite! and all the others had toe brakes

        Hi Pete,

        Thank you very much for your positive and detailed review.
        We trust that many simmers who may not be familiar with VKB products will find your comments really helpful.

        VKB Support Team