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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 18 reviews
        Kendall madigan
        Very happy

        My son is very happy . Tells me it feels much better than his mates. I assembled it and was impressed with it construction, nothing flimsy or weak . Not being a gamer, thats All I can say. I bought this product after researching all the competition and concluding it was worth paying a little more for better design.

        Ronald van Maarseveen
        Sturdy and accurate!

        The full metal rudder petals are of a very solid build. The accuracy / precision of the movement is excellent and it re-centers very well. The rudder works well in both DCS and IL-2. They are a great upgrade from the joystick twist that I used before. I placed the T-Rudder on a tilted wooden platform, to give it a little bit of "forward" movement when I depress them. Very happy with my purchase :)

        Chris E
        Solid build and feels made to last.

        I previously relied on the twist action for yaw but always wanted to pedals.
        I decided to buy the T-Rudder Mk.IV pedals when buying the Gunfighter Mk.III ‘Space Combat Edition’ Premium.
        I found the pedals to be of a solid build and not overly complicated. I expect they will last quite a while.
        The T-Rudder Mk.IV are well priced for being an all metal build.
        Thanks VKB.

        Hi Chris,

        We really appreciate your positive review and comments.
        You are not alone, many simmers really like the T-Rudder for its solid build and accuracy.
        It sure takes flying to another level when using a precise rudder system than a controller's twist axis.

        Cheers, VKB Australia team

        Ben T
        Great, simple robust pedals

        As the title, the pedals are incredibly sturdy, no flimsy plastic in sight, and highly accurate. I just need that TECS throttle now VKB haha.

        Hi Ben,

        Thank you very much for the 5 star rating!
        Please subscribe to the newsletter so to stay updated with any product release announcements.

        Regards, VKB Australia team

        Excellent Quality

        I love these pedals. They are well built, comfortable and large enough compared to other pedals. They work brilliantly. I did find them a little soft, but changing the force following the video guide didn't take more than 10 minutes.

        Being metal, they will last a long time. If you are fine knowing that you only need 1 axis on the feet instead of 2 these pedals are amazing.

        Hi Tegual,

        Thank you so much for your positive comments.
        Hopefully you find that the rock-solid rudder operation of the T-Rudder is a good compromise not having a brake function.

        Cheers, VKB Australia team