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        Amazing value at an amazing price point

        I upgraded to the Gladiator NXT Standard from a Thrustmaster T16000M.

        The difference between the Gladiator and the TM stick is night and day. The variety of hats, buttons, axis and encoders mean there are a number of functions you can bind with the stick.

        The biggest difference to me however is how the Gladiator feels. The movement has weight to it, I wouldn't describe it as resistance but instead a reassuring amount of passive feedback. I believe this is down to the way the stick is gimballed, along with the lubricant used. It's really nice, and it makes it feel as though you're actually moving a control surface. The twist axis is very nice too, and the stick centres very nicely too. There is a noticable step in the Y axis if you cycle the stick toward and then away from you, but it is again a reassuring feel and doesn't interfere in flight.

        The Gladiator is plug and play too, which is helpful as this is where the only drawback I've come across so far lies - the software you can download for advanced setup is not user friendly (for me anyway) but this is a very minor issue for my uses.

        To me the Gladiator is a no-brainer if you're looking for a high quality desktop stick at an affordable price. Once VKB's throttles launch, I'll be replacing my TWCS throttle too. I'm really impressed by the build quality and the ease of use for casual flight sim users like myself.

        Whether you play Rise of Flight, IL-2 or DCS or trawl the friendlier skies in MSFS - this is a worthy addition to any setup. An easy 5 stars from me.

        Thanks so much, Steve, for your great review!

        This is really valuable for gamers who may not be familiar with the VKB brand yet.

        Regards, VKB Australia team