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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 79 reviews
        Michael V

        Fantastic quality, light-years ahead of other more "mainstream" offerings. Absolutely bulletproof construction and amazing accuracy.

        Michael Wood

        Been using other joystick till now, this is by far is the best.

        Thank you so much for the great review, Michael.

        We really appreciate your positive feedback and wish you many hours of challenging flying!
        We do like the photo too!

        Regards, VKB Australia team

        First impressions

        Really like my Gladiator NXT Premium so far, there are only two things I would like to point out. The first one is a build quality issue. Generally the joystick is pretty solid, but only after a few days of use the X axis started to act up. It only moved to the left even after multiple attempts of calibrating it. After digging through the forums it seemed that this was probably caused by the magnet of the X axis coming loose. So I took the gimbal apart and glued both magnets (for the X axis, and also the Y axis while there) in place. This resolved the issue, everything is back to normal now, but you should be more strict with Q&A and maybe reviewing your manufacturing technology/processes.

        The other remark is not really an issue, but the VKBDevCfg tool is not very user friendly. I understand that it probably aims at the needs of power users but a slightly more user friendly GUI would help a lot of average users to get an understanding how and what to use it for.

        Keep up the good work, can't wait to see more info on the TECS throttle system.

        Hi Tom,

        We thank you for your detailed review.
        We apologise that the product had the issue you mentioned and we gladly provide any help with the configuration software.

        Please contact should you require any future support.

        Cheers, VKB Australia team

        Punches above its weight...

        I have had and have a few joysticks but was after something to use that was light weight as a side stick to get that sense of realism in DCS when in the F16. I have the TM warthog f16 stick and base, but that is older tech and just doesn't seem as exact as my other newer sticks (Virpil and Winwing) or (now that I have it) VKB. So far so good, am enjoying using it. I thought I would swap out the thumb stick for a plain four way but the push to change profile works well so it is staying as is. In summary I prefer it to the TM Warthog and for the $ that is a hell of an achievement. It is not a match for the Virpil or Winwing but without a cam system how could it. I imagine the Gunfighter 3 is more the competitor at that level. My only regret may be that I just did not go all the way and get the GF3 to start with. For the price this is a great stick.

        Hi Grumpy,

        Thank you so much for the detailed review and the 5-star rating.
        The setup in your photo looks awesome. Thanks for posting it.

        Yes, we agree, the Gunfighter controllers are the top-line products using a cam system. But we receive a lot of great feedback from simmers who use the Gladiator as an excellent value-for-money controller.

        Regards, VKB Australia team

        VKB = Flight Sim Gold standard

        After many hours researching the VKB Gladiator, I finally took the plunge and i am nothing but impressed.

        The stick feels perfect in my hand, button layout is great and with the VKB software you can program an amazing amount of button binds and LED flashes to remind you what alternate setting your on.

        The built in throttle control works well for a starting flight simmer.

        The stick is amazing accurate.

        The button press feels firm and precise.

        Ive already recommended to my friends who needed no convincing other than a photo.

        For anyone looking for an mid entry flight sim stick for a basic entry price look no further this is it.

        All i need now is a throttle controller.... cmon VKB 😂 give us a VKB HOTAS.

        Thank you very much for the detailed and positive review, Rob.
        It's much appreciated.

        While the release date of the throttle quadrant (TECS) has not been announced yet, please feel free to check out the GNX extension modules, for example the GNX-THQ throttle quadrant.
        Please feel free to subscribe to our newsletter as to receive all the latest product release information.

        Cheers, VKB Australia team