VKB Extension modules

We are excited to announce the release of the
VKB GNX Extension modules!

Giving another level of realism to the avid flight and space simulation pilots, the Extension modules complement any current Gladiator, Gunfighter and T-Rudder cockpits.

GNX-THQ (Throttle Quadrant)

With 8 buttons, 3 axis, adjustable height of all levers, interchangeable lever heads and VKB trademark clutch on all axis, the THQ gives you every option to customise your cockpit to your individual needs.

Oh, and did we mention you can add up to 4 THQ and position them anywhere in your cockpit?

GNX-SEM (Side Extension Module)

24 buttons (wow!) or change to 17 buttons and 2 axis, the SEM is an absolute work horse!

Check out the 2 rocking K-switches. They can be turned into axis controls if you wish. Press either end to in-/decrease the value and use the central button to reset to zero.

The LEDs are, of course, programmable. The 4 position rotary switch is sure to please.

There are Landing Gear and Flaps levers too. Both are switches, however they can be reconfigured as axis - it's totally up to you. You can even change the number of detents on the gear lever (2-3) and the flaps lever (2-4).

FSM-GA (Front Switchboard Module - General Aviation)

The Front Switchboard Module organises your flight deck displays and avionics.

While intended for General Aviation, it is a versatile addition to any HOTAS and HOSAS. As always, you use it how you want.

Just imagine having this 'little helper' at your fingertips on your next IFR flight - beautiful!

Extension module bracket

The bracket organises your extension modules and holds them firmly in place. The same way you are used to with your existing controllers.

Or use it as a keyboard, phone or tablet holder. The choice is yours!


Product specifications

All 4 products will be listed in the VKB Australia / New Zealand store in the coming days. Here you will find detailed technical specifications as well as pricing.

All Extension modules are compatible with any existing VKB and third-party controllers.


Products will be delivered to customers from 20 October 2021, subject to incoming shipments from VKB HQ to our Australian warehouse.
Please be patient as congestions are currently experienced at international ports.
However, we will keep you informed via our web store or direct email should there be any delays.

Once the products go live in our store, we will allow customers to place pre-orders in our web store. We will post products to customers on a first-come-first-served basis.

So you don't miss out, please ensure you subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page. We will send a newsletter in the coming days to give subscribers enough advance notice as to when the pre-order window will open.

If you have any questions, please message support@vkb-sim.com.au.

Before you go...

Did you know that there are now hundreds of different ways how you can configure your own personal cockpit? Below shows only a handful of possibilities.
Which one will you choose?

GNX option 1 GNX option 2
GNX option 3 GNX option 4
GNX option 5 GNX option 6