VKB brand

Our mission

To provide virtual pilots with devices of the highest standard

What we do

We design and manufacture computer gaming devices for various purposes, levels of complexity and affordability.

We are experts in the production of various flight and spacecraft control systems such as pedals, joysticks, etc..

Our products include:

  • high-quality but inexpensive entry-level devices for novice pilots
  • premium flight controls for advanced and expert pilots

We closely cooperate with the developers of modern flight and space simulators.

What makes our products unique

Our products are of the highest quality.
Only the highest quality materials and components are used.
We design and develop our own electronic components.
All products are comprehensively tested prior to market release.

Who we are

VKB is a team of like-minded people united by a common idea - to make the virtual sky easy to learn. Our designers, engineers and programmers not only have rich professional experience, but are themselves virtual pilots.