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        Based on 243 reviews
        What an amazing little addition!

        I've added this little pearler to my left hand stick for Star Citizen. Man, night and day.
        It feels so natural, especially with forward/back strafe as well as up/down strafe. Quite satisfying to go to max thrust as you would with a HOTAS but retain that analogue control over all axis.
        I swapped over to the heavier 30 springs as well and it's perfect. Nice resistance and I don't think I'll have to adjust my x and y deadzones.
        Well constructed and pretty easy to install. VKB have nailed it again.
        Let me know if your pedals ever go on sale and that would fill out my all VKB flight system. ;)
        Cheers! YouTube video placeholder
        Excellent product for a fair price

        I can't rate this gear enough. A very solid and rugged feel. No drift and very easy reach on all controls
        Many thanks to Luke for assisting me as well. Excellent service!


        Bought this, modern combat pro and rudders. Good combo for star citizen, big upgrade over thrustmasters

        Well worth it

        Just assembled it got it going, very impressed. Very smooth and precise, it is a completely different experience vs a lower range joystick.


        Great product. Great build quality, feel, options (springs, cams, buttons etc). Very Highly recommended. Wish I had bought one sooner. Fast delivery.

        Thanks very much, Michael, for your awesome review about the Gunfighter Ultimate.

        We are sure other simmers will find your feedback very useful.

        Happy flying!

        Regards, VKB Support Team

        Excellent Quality

        Use this stick with the EVO SPACE COMBAT STANDARD Base and I'm loving it It is so cool that you can change different sticks to base.
        THE KG12 Stick same replica as a lot of WW11 Aircraft sticks in game.
        Never have problem now with calibration worked out the software lol
        Good work

        Thanks very much, George, for the positive comments.

        We are glad you like your new Gladiator grip.

        VKB Support Team

        Excellent Quality

        Bought the EVO Space combat Standard
        And very happy with the feeling of it and the smoothness of it not floppy like my previous other brand sticks in the same price limit.
        Love it too because I sometimes replace the stick from the base and use the KG12 for WW11 combat which is so cool.

        Hi George,

        We really appreciate your positive feedback about the Gladiator EVO.
        Yes, the modularity of our controllers with interchangeable grips is highly appreciated by many simmers.

        Regards, VKB Support Team

        EVO WW11 SEM THQ

        Bought the new EVO SEM and THQ.
        Customer relations is excellent.Shipped products straight away Excellent communication.Recieved the EVO WW11 the SEM and THQ.
        Fitted them together which was straight forward configured with the software that I downloaded from the VKB website.
        Had slight problem with configuration on the THQ which 2 axis weren't picked up by the software.
        Looked up VKB Support which helped me.
        Everything all good Best joystick feel that I have experienced. So precise Excellent quality very happy with purchase
        Would recommend to everyone for the price.

        Thanks very much for the 5 star rated review George.

        We like the photo you posted.
        Thank you as well for the positive feedback about our customer service.

        Regards, VKB Support Team

        Joisticks for ya Boistick

        Best on the Market. Virpil is lame. Buy VKB they kickass. Sticks were here in 3 Business Days even over a holiday period. Easy to set up, now I make scrubs cry all day in Star Citizen. These Joisticks make my Boistick hard. 10/10 will VKB again.

        Hi Kyall,

        We are very glad that you like the Gladiator EVO controllers. It looks like they really add a great depth to your space simming.

        Cheers, VKB Support Team

        Great quality

        I was thinking about getting some cheaper brands for my first set of sticks. But I'm glad I was talked into the VKB sticks, they are quality and highly recommend. They are smooth and feel like quality, and the added extra strength springs are really nice for a little bit of customization. Been running two in a HOSAS set up for space sims.

        Thanks very much for the great review, David.

        A set of 2 x Gladiator EVO makes indeed a fantastic HOSAS setup.

        Regards, VKB Support Team

        Must buy

        feels amazing in hand and is very precise compared to my old x56 stick. Definitely worth it!

        Hi Harshvir,

        Thank you very much for the 5 star rating for the Gladiator EVO.
        Yes, we hear from many customers that they find the EVO to be a substantial upgrade over the X56.

        Regards, VKB Support Team


        My son has been flying simulators for years with carious joysticks. This product is handsdown the best he has ever used. Very good quality.

        Thanks very much, Renata, for the great review.

        We are very pleased that your son likes the Gladiator EVO.

        Regards, VKB Support Team


        I have used alot of rudder pedals and these are my favorite.
        They were easy to set up, pretty much they work straight out of the box unlike the other VBK stuff i have used.
        they are great, super precise and have good adjustability if your happy to take the time.
        they are also great if you have a multi purpose rig as they are a small profile, i have all my race controls setup with my pedals, slide my seat back and bam there are my anti torque pedals, neither gets in the way of the other.
        yes they don't have toe brakes but that is a really overated part of rudder pedals, yes i mostly use them as anti toque pedals but i also like to fly fixed wing and really a leaver on your stick is more then enough for brakes, I've used thrustmaster, CH, and MFG pedals and these are my favorite! and all the others had toe brakes

        Hi Pete,

        Thank you very much for your positive and detailed review.
        We trust that many simmers who may not be familiar with VKB products will find your comments really helpful.

        VKB Support Team

        not user friendly

        when it works its fine.
        It was difficult to get working to the point where i took it off my mount to open it up to check it was connected properly with my gladiator and it was, but the instructions are not good. i got it working but it constantly just stops working and not just in sim the lights don't even light up and i have to go through the whole recalibration setup again, defiantly not what you want when you just want to jump in and fly

        Hi Pete,

        We have noted your problem and have forwarded your case to our tech support team.
        I trust we will resolve this issue to your satisfaction.

        VKB Support Team


        its a good stick, but having to constantly having to recalibrate it to get it to register properly in sim is annoying, initial setup was a pain, then i thought it was all good but i have to keep reopen the software and recalibrate or i only get 50% on x/y axis.
        defiantly not a plug and play stick

        Hi Pete,

        Thank you for raising your concern and we have followed up with you separately to resolve this issue.

        VKB Support Team

        T-Rudder Mk.IV
        Luke Winduss


        Thanks very much for the positive comment and 5 star rating, Luke.

        Regards, VKB Support Team

        Quality product can't fault it. Does what it supposed to do.

        As with the rest of the VKB kit, it's a quality product. Software is very solid, VKB official YouTube channel guides are top notch. You get what you pay for.

        Just be mindful of compatibility with EVO Omni Throttle. It's NOT compatible with Left Hand Omni throttle when attached to the left side of it. The Omni throttle stick hits the Throttle stick on the SEM Module. It's not the technical connections or mounting (that's all fine) it's the two throttles physically colliding during movement of the Omni. It's not / wasn't well documented on their website. Images attached - there is no workaround, reconsider your setup - I went with purchasing USBC module for the SEM and have it sitting as a standalone unit.

        (NOTE: I have provided this feedback to support and they may update their website site to make things more clear - this feedback is as at time of purchase March 2022)

        Hi Anton,

        Thank you very much for the great review.
        We will follow your suggestion and amend the SEM's product description to alert customers of attaching the SEM to the left of a left-hand Omni Throttle.
        This issue can be solved by connecting the SEM via USB Controller direct to the PC.

        We are sure you will have many exciting adventures with your VKB products.

        Cheers, VKB Support team

        Fantastic product and customer support

        Right off the bat I had a bit of a abnormal request for purchasing and the customer service rep, Luke was fantastic and quick too respond. Once I finally received the item, it has elevated my flying experience thanks to how smooth and customisable it is. Yes the pro has a plastic feel but after the initial consideration, it has not bothered me in the slightest. The in the box manual could be a little more descriptive but there's enough media online and on 5he vkb YouTube channel to figure everything out. Overall I love this stick and highly recommend VKB.

        Hi N,

        Thank you very much for your positive comments.
        The Gunfighter MCG Pro is a great stick as it provides all the high-tech features of the Gunfighter base.

        Happy flying!

        Regards, VKB Support team

        nice build its pretty cool

        nice build its pretty cool

        Hi Lloyd,

        We thank you for the 5 star rating of the Gunfighter Ultimate. It's our premium flight controller and will be a trusty flight companion for a long time!

        Cheers, VKB Support team

        Great bit of kit

        Have been loving the HOSAS setup I got for space sims, the immersion is next level.

        Hi Brent,

        Thank you very much for the 5 star rating and we are pleased you like the Gladiator EVO controller.
        A left hand and a right hand stick make for a perfect space sim setup indeed.

        VKB Support team

        Perfect for multi-role usage!

        Man, the design team at VKB must have read my mind because I was wondering why a stick like this didn't exist before. The new dry clutches and easy access to springs allowed me to make a perfect combined aircraft + 6DoF spacecraft throttle. Not only do I have perfect normal control of a normal aircraft with very smooth action on the throttle and no stickiness, I also have access to strafing AND vertical thrust with the X axis and twist function. Highly recommended if you enjoy DCS, Microsoft Flight Sim and games like Star Citizen all at the same time!

        Hi Luke,

        Thank you very much for your detailed insights how the EVO Omni Throttle assists your flying.
        The Omni Throttle is popular with flight and space simmers alike.

        Regards, VKB Support team

        Great sticks

        A huge improvement to flight quality, responsiveness, and immersion. Far superior to any budget/entry level sticks.Haven't felt the need to adjust anything so far - they were great straight out of the box!

        Hi GaV,

        We thank you for the 5 star rating of the Gladiator EVO.
        You have chosen one of the latest product releases from VKB and it's already proving a hit with simmers who are looking for a medium-priced controller with features usually only found in high-end sticks.

        VKB Support team

        Great controllers and local distributor

        Great to see a local distributor for these fantastic controllers. I have to say I never expected to see an Aussie distributor for VKB Controllers. As soon as I stumbled on it though, I placed my order. Cheers!

        Hi PIK,

        Thank you for the 5 star rating for the Omni Throttle.
        This is one of VKB's latest products and a real hit with flight and space simmers alike.

        Being an Aussie distributor we can provide effective and fast technical support and respond to customer enquiries.

        Cheers, VKB Support team

        Gunfighter Mk.III ‘Modern Combat Edition’ Ultimate with Twist

        After getting sick of my thrustmaster warthog stick and its problems I upgraded to the MCG. Night and day difference, so smooth and precise. I have center mounted it with the 200mm extension and it makes flying heli's so much easier and fun. Awesome having so many buttons and flexibility to set them up with shift keys etc.
        I have found the config software really easy and like how you don't need anything running to use the sticks, really slick setup.
        Overall highly recommended worth the price!

        Hi Paul,

        We really appreciate your positive feedback and think the picture you attached gives other simmers a good idea of a well-thought cockpit setup.
        Thank you also for mentioning the customer service you received and the fast shipping.

        Regards, VKB Support team

        Exceptional product. Felt like Christmas came early opening this thing up.

        This stick is just amazing. Bought with 100mm extension and UCM-L GF mount.

        The whole package was a joy to put together.
        The build quality is 100%. Youtube videos that help you put everything together were great, and you can see how the insides(gunfighter base) work.

        - Packaging: 5/5 star. All neat and well protected on the inside. Easy to open.
        - Delivery time(Australia): 3 business days!!!! Lightning fast
        - Gunfighter base: Super smooth, accurate inputs. Upgrading from a CH fighterstick, I don't need a deadzone anymore. I have never been able to have such smooth and perfect landings in DCS. With this stick I am now a pro. This thing centers so well, and the clutch is amazing.
        - MCG ultimate: Buttons are awesome, all metal is awesome, the rubber grip on the side is cool. Super ergonomic.
        - Connecting the MCGU -> 100m extension -> gunfighter is easy.
        - The ability to change 2 of the HATS to personal preference is great. I switched the trim one out to something more 'trim' like (lol). And switched the mini-joystick to another HAT since I didn't need it. (might be handy for a space sim though).

        I brought the stick/base/mount over to a mates house who had the Vipril setup. The MCGU is ~50% bigger than the Vipril (Vipril is baby size in comparison).
        The biggest difference between the two was the dry clutch and the affect it has. Well worth having the clutch, without it the stick would bounce / oscillate for ~5 seconds.

        Some downsides:
        - Pinky button changing to ring finger button was a little weird at first. Got used to it after ~1 day though. (this is really small issue)
        - I nearly ruined one of the hex screw heads on the gunfighter base. There is 4x screws you need to take out to mount to the UCM-L GF mount. They are in extremely tight(more-so than the rest), so be careful to not let the Allen key slip.

        All in all. ABSOLUTELY NO REGRETS. Significant x 100 upgrade over my old setup. You can't get better than the MCGU + gunfighter.

        Thank you very much, Paul, for this very detailed and awesome review.
        We are sure many simmers unfamiliar with the VKB products will find this very helpful.

        Happy flying!

        Regards, VKB Support team