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        Based on 104 reviews
        Best gaming stick I've ever used

        Sorry for the long review, but I thought it would be worthwhile for someone who is in the same position I was about a fortnight ago.

        Bottom line - this stick is awesome and you should seriously consider purchasing one.

        Now for the long story:
        I have been using HOTAS for over 25 years starting with the TM F-16 FLCS and WCS Mk.II. Over the years I have tried many other joysticks, but none of them ever matched the FLCS/WCS combination. I eventually converted the FLCS/WCS to USB and that worked perfectly until last year. Since then I have tried the TM T16000M and the Logitech X56 - neither of these came close to the FLCS/WCS setup in terms of build quality and functionality.

        So, I thought I'd try the Gladiator NXT Premium.

        I had a few questions before I committed to buy the stick. The answers were provided on the same day and were very helpful. This customer service and information I got ultimately led to me buying the stick (Thanks Luke :-) ).

        First of all, this stick is in a class of its own. It's not just an end user product - but also a product for serious simmers who like bespoke setups. The spare parts allow you to personalise the stick how you want it - so, having no need for it, I immediately converted the mini-stick to another 5 way hat switch. With the guidance on VKB YouTube page, the whole process was simple and took less than 30 minutes. The VKB YouTube page also has many other helpful videos on it.

        Things I like:
        Postage time - The stick was dispatched on the same day I ordered it (Friday) and arrived Wednesday of the next week.
        The number and positioning of buttons - There's more buttons than you can poke a stick at. I love how all of the HAT switches have a centre push button. I especially love that the pickle button is beneath and to the left of all the HATs - right where your thumb is.
        The size of the stick - I don't have small hands/fingers, but on the FLCS/X56/Warthog I found it a stretch to reach the pickle button and coolie hat. The Gladiator does not have this issue - all the buttons and HATs are easily accessible, in very convenient locations and seemingly specifically designed to the dexterity of the human hand. This is with the standard hand rest attached.
        Connectivity - The Gladiator is plug-and-play and doesn't require specific software. This is great for me as I use it with AutoHotkey to play old games.
        The feel at the central position of the stick - It's very positive and has no signs of the springy bounce that you get when releasing other sticks back to the centre position. It eases back to the centre like a real aircraft control stick. This feature is quite possibly the best of all.

        Things I don't like:
        The action of the HAT switches is a little more clunky than the FLCS, but their convenient positioning more than makes up for it.

        As an Air Force pilot and instructor, I use a HOTAS every day. The Gladiator NXT is the best gaming stick I've used - ever.

        Looking forward to the release of the Throttle.

        T-Rudder Mk.IV
        Shaun Cameron

        T-Rudder Mk.IV


        Love them you guys are epic

        Love the kosmosima stick

        Picked the kosmosima left hadn stick with base, the delviery was quick and fast, the product looks and feels great, was able to use it right out of the box on splane 11 sling-2 plane. Additonally bought the 20cm extension it is one perfect setup been looking for. Now to get the right hand stick for the heli setup.

        Gladiator NXT Premium
        Nathan Emerson
        Best value flight stick available!

        This is the best quality flight stick I have ever used coming from the pc market, leagues ahead of the saitek and thrust master which I have also used. Build is so solid and the motion so smooth, great button feel and position. Started with the right hand premium now replacing my left hand t.16000m without a second thought.

        Delivery was amazing also, received within 2 days.

        Thanks very much for the very positive review, Nathan.

        We are really happy to hear that you find the Gladiator to be a superior product. As the authorised distributor based in Australia we find that we can service the VKB community very efficiently and effectively.
        Thank you for your kind words and your recognition of our service level.

        VKB Australia team

        Gladiator NXT Premium
        Saleem Mohammed
        Gladiator nxt

        Recently returned to flight sims and therefore purchased the Gladiator NXT. The ordering and delivery were very painless and quick. The product itself is excellent. Well made and good quality. Setting it up is easy on msfs. It has already bought me loads of joy. Thankyou VKB. I will look into ordering more products from you in the future.

        Thank you very much for the great feedback, Saleem.

        The Gladiator NXT Premium is an absolute crowd pleaser and we are glad you feel the same way.

        Cheers, VKB Australia team

        Great stick overall

        Coming from the Warthog, the preinstalled springs (I'm guessing #20A) are way too light - they give about 1/4 of the resistance of the unmodified Warthog which means that in a dogfight the stick offers virtually no noticeable feedback on how hard you're pulling. Takes a while to figure out the right springs that offer a discernible feel.

        My particular base also has a slight problem with re-centering from a deflection to the left, but from all the other directions it re-centers itself every single time. I really love how sensitive the base is around the centre which is great for formation flying and AAR.

        Although I'm not liking the plastic feel of the grip itself I love all the extra buttons/axes the grip has over the Warthog. Kinda wish the MCG Ultimate grip is sold separately on the AU store.

        Gladiator NXT Premium
        Matthew Caird
        Supurb Product! - NXT Premium

        I am based in New Zealand and I have the Gladiator NXT Premium in LH
        I have owned this stick for 3 months and use it daily. Prior to buying this product I did very extensive research into what was on the market at the time.
        My findings were that basically (generalizing) a lot of what was on the market at the time (even the high quality products such as the Thrustmaster Warthog) would have things go wrong with them after a while or that things would loosen or break and not function as well or "floppyness" would begin to appear in the sticks movement.
        Its because of this that I randomly came across the US version of VKB and was glad to see that they had a Australian equivalent website that shipped to NZ.
        The stick, even after 3 months of daily use with MSFS 2020 still feels like it did when I purchased it. There is no unusual movement in the stick at all and no dead-zone either! The gimbal still feels and responds as smooth as ever and actually makes flying, landing and hovering in difficult aircraft, like helicopters a breeze!
        In terms of buttons, there is more than enough on the premium version, I even have unassigned buttons. They still respond and feel great and the throttle.... this is soooo smoooth!!! The Smoothest throttle EVER!!! The twist in the stick is totally fine as well with no issues whatsoever.

        If anyone I know make any comments to me about looking into the joystick market, VKB is always mentioned above anything else!
        For the price (which is excellent) I feel as though VKB has definitely delivered what it says on the tin!.... A PREMIUM product made to last!!

        Keep up the great work team and thanks again for such an excellent stick. I can't speak more highly of it! Its an absolute joy & a pleasure to use.

        Thank you so much for your review, Matthew.

        It's great to hear from our NZ friends!
        We feel your review is very valuable to simers new to the VKB brand.

        We are keen to get feedback once we release the 4 new products. They should be a treat for users like you who use FS2020 regularly.

        Cheers, VKB Australia team

        Gladiator NXT Premium
        Calum Conduit
        Gladiator NXT Premium

        Absolutely worth the price. There is no competition in Australia which you can get for this price point. I swapped out the analog stick with the provided hat switch for flying the A10c in DCS, easy to do and tools were provided. Now hopefully when the throttle is eventually released we will have some better options in Australia!

        Hi Calum,

        Great to hear that you like the VKB products!
        We really appreciate your thoughtful comments.

        Yes, the throttle and side extension modules are very close to be released in Australia. Please be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you are the first one to know when the order window opens. First in best dressed!

        Regards, VKB Australia team

        Best bang for buck sticks out there.

        Recently purchased my third VKB stick. It was an NXT Premium that now sits alongside an NXT Standard. The old Gladiator Mk II it replaced was still going strong but I wanted the extra hats.
        Hands down the best value money sticks I could find. Perfect for Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous, Star Wars Squadrons and Everspace 2.
        Solid construction, they feel great in the hand and VKB have excellent customer service.
        If you need someone to ermmm....test a Side Extension just need to ask. ;)
        Seriously though - great piece of kit.

        Hi Mark,

        Thank you very much for your very positive review of our products and services.
        We are very happy that you like your Gladiators.
        Awesome picture too! Thank you for that!

        VKB Australia team

        Great step up

        I recently bought a Gladiator NXT and pedals. I am loving both and think that they are very well priced.
        The gladiator is well built and feels great moving through the axis. The grip initially feels hard but this is quickly forgotten. The pedals are giving me much more control through turns as I am able to be more accurate with inputs than I was using twist on my old stick.
        Can't wait for the throttle to come out.

        Hi Wazza,

        Thank you so much for the 5 star rating.
        We agree the Gladiator Premium may feel a bit stiff to begin with - until you are in the heat of the battle where you are looking for a very solid controller that can endure some rough treatment.
        Simmers new to VKB will appreciate that all controllers come with different sets of springs that allow the stiffness adjustment to every simmer's individual needs.

        Cheers, VKB Australia team

        Amazing Stick for the price

        I've been looking at obtaining a HOTAS for a while now but none of the cheaper consumer options really seemed like something I wanted to spend money on. I purchased this stick through a friends recommendation and I absolutely love it. I've paired it with the VIRPIL CM3 Throttle so I can learn the A-10C II in DCS and it feels really good. Immediately after taking the stick out of the box I immediately notice how comfortable it was in my hand. The wrist rest that comes with it work well for my smaller than average hand size but with the option to remove or add a larger rest I would say this would be good for nearly everyone's hand size. I decided to switch out the A1 MiniStick for the 4way hat that comes with. By default the MiniStick acts as an axis or when pushed in an 8way. As I didnt need either I switched it out. The tutorial to do so on the VKB youtube was extremely helpful and anyone looking to switch out either the side hat or ministick should be able to following the video.

        I would highly recommend this stick to anyone who is looking to get into the more premium stick market.

        Thanks very much, Matthew, for the great feedback.

        We really appreciate that you highlight some of the great advantages of the Gladiator Premium.
        Considering how many hours customers spend on the controllers it is probably more than justified to incur a slightly higher upfront cost in return for a more immersive experience with a piece of equipment that lasts longer.

        Regards, VKB Australia team

        Gladiator NXT Premium

        Purchased this for DCS and all I can say is wow! It is so smooth and precise, can’t wait for their throttle to come out. Finally great ongoing support from Luke who went out of his way helping me with some issues around my monitor not going to sleep.

        Hi Jim,

        We really like your comments and thank you for mentioning our support efforts. Being an appointed local representative for VKB means we can service and support our customers in Australia and New Zealand much quicker and more thorough than overseas stores.

        VKB Australia team

        Gladiator NXT Premium
        terdat jordan
        One thrilled customer

        I have had the VKB NXT premium edition for a little less than a week now and to say I am blown away would be the understatement of the year. It is an absolutely amazing bit of kit. From the tension on the stick to the quality and finish to the speed of delivery (literally less than 24 hrs from order to delivery), it is amazing. I cannot recommend these guys highly enough to anybody who needs a premium stick. Oh and lets not get started on price. I think it would please even the most fastidious gamer. Thank you VKB and I hope to purchase your throttle quadrant as soon as you release it (hopefully soon). I have found my new go-to for anything flight controller related. Cheers

        Hi Terdat,

        Thank you so much for the 5 star rating and the very positive comments about the Gladiator Premium. It is is definitely one of the most loved products by our customers.

        Cheers, VKB Australia team

        Gladiator NXT Premium
        Craig Karsten
        Premium Mid Priced Stick

        The Gladiator NXT Premium is the best joystick in it's price range.
        Solidly constructed of tough ABS plastic, the buttons have a nice firm
        tactile feel to them.
        Centring is excellent with a not too aggressive return to centre and no wobble.
        The gimbal whilst plastic, is made of tough stuff and the axes are smooth and
        With the Premium you have adjustment options such as spring tension and
        swappable hat and buttons which you don't get in other joysticks in this price point.
        Setup and calibration was dead easy and was up and running in no time.
        I highly recommend this product.

        Thanks very much for the great review, Craig.

        We really appreciate your kind words about the Gladiator Premium.

        Regards, VKB Australia team

        Amazing sticks.

        Great sticks for flight sims. Highly recommended.

        Hi Femi,

        Thank you very much for the positive review and the 5 star rating.
        We trust you will enjoy your Gladiator for a long time to come.

        Regards, VKB Australia team

        Gladiator NXT Premium
        Ethan Schneider
        Outstanding Value and Quality

        Honestly worth every cent. Well priced, great quality. Balanced well from a base weight perspective, the height is well suited to desk use. Overall 5/7 perfect score.

        Thanks very much, Ethan, for the great review.

        We are really happy that you like your Gladiator Premium.

        VKB Australia team

        Gladiator NXT Premium

        That word sums up both VKB Australia's service and the product they sent.
        Believe the hype on this stick, that many simmers can't be wrong.

        Hi Stu,

        Thanks very much for your kind words.
        Since we have opened the Australia / NZL web store the customer feedback has been phenomenal and we continue to strive serving the gaming community as best as possible.

        Cheers, VKB Australia team

        VKB Premium

        Could not be happier with this purchase - I play Elite dangerous and have paired the stick with a throttle. Its easy to set up and feels like a very good quality product - delivery was fast - defiantly an upgrade on the previous stick I had (X52 pro)

        Hi Andrew,

        We are glad you like the Gladiator Premium, and thank you for the 5 star review.

        Regards, VKB Australia team

        Impressed with the quality and value of these rudders.

        Full metal construction with quality and attention to detail in manufacturing. Small footprint for convenient storage under the desk (can be stored vertically if you unplug the cable). I consider it a good value product for enthusiast flight simmers who want a durable solution that is a step beyond the mainstream plastic models, but not yet into the hard-core hobbyist price range. However, be aware that it does not have toe brakes - but that's not an issue that bothers me. I experienced fast shipping with tracking provided within a week from order. I decided to add these rudders to my setup as I already own a Gladiator NXT - I was very impressed by the overall quality and function of that product as well. I'm looking forward to rounding out my setup with the upcoming TECS when it's finally announced and released.

        Hi Dat,

        Thank you very much for your great review and that you like the T-Rudders. Yes, they are super strong indeed.
        We hope we can make a TECS release date announcement soon.

        VKB Australia team

        Great left hand stick

        In the absence of a left handed version of the MCG Pro, this is a very worthy substitute. I was on the fence about HOSAS for a while, but this stick just feels amazing in games like Star Citizen. And with the dry clutch and removing the springs from the Y axis, allows it to work perfectly as a standard throttle for flight Sims like DCS.

        Thanks very much, Ben, for the great feedback.

        We are sure many simmers find your setup description very useful.

        Cheers, VKB Australia team

        Gladiator NXT Premium
        Thomas Knight

        Gladiator NXT Premium

        Hi Thomas,

        Thank you very much for the 5 star rating for the Gladiator.

        Cheers, VKB Australia team

        Very strong mount

        Mount is very strong, engineering is great and no problem during assembly. Fits perfect with my MCG 3. Hope vkb can design some vertical mount in the future to save some space.
        Oh and the team shipped my order like 20min after my purchase and I received my stuff 3 days later. I don't know how they managed to do that but it was very a satisfying shopping experience.

        Hi Mingqian,

        Thank you for the very helpful description of your product experience.
        Yes, the UCMs are a very worthwhile addition!

        VKB Australia team

        Better than expected

        Works great with the 10cm extension and provide precision control for both plane and helicopters in DCS. Youtube videos are intuitive. You don't have to use the software if you are lazy like me, I just added some more springs, adjust the damp and plug it in. Everything works perfectly.

        Thanks very much for your positive feedback, Mingqian.

        You have indeed chosen a super setup!

        Regards, VKB Australia team


        Don't fork out/settle for other brands, this one is the best. Plug and play. Heaps of buttons, ergonomically phenomenal, and cost effective.

        Hi Jake,

        Thank you very much for your kind words!

        VKB Australia team