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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 4 reviews
        Excellent Quality

        Bought the EVO Space combat Standard
        And very happy with the feeling of it and the smoothness of it not floppy like my previous other brand sticks in the same price limit.
        Love it too because I sometimes replace the stick from the base and use the KG12 for WW11 combat which is so cool.

        Hi George,

        We really appreciate your positive feedback about the Gladiator EVO.
        Yes, the modularity of our controllers with interchangeable grips is highly appreciated by many simmers.

        Regards, VKB Support Team


        its a good stick, but having to constantly having to recalibrate it to get it to register properly in sim is annoying, initial setup was a pain, then i thought it was all good but i have to keep reopen the software and recalibrate or i only get 50% on x/y axis.
        defiantly not a plug and play stick

        Hi Pete,

        Thank you for raising your concern and we have followed up with you separately to resolve this issue.

        VKB Support Team

        Revelation for space flight

        I have used a lower end HOTAS to play Elite Dangerous and similar games on my XBox, and honestly found them pretty 'meh'. But when I moved over to the PC, I decided I would give flight sticks another try. Word of mouth was that VKB's stuff is pretty good, and when I came to browse this site the Gladiator EVO NXT had just announced. I thought "the universe is obviously telling me something".

        First impressions: very solid construction. Yes it's plastic, but it's very robust plastic. Assembly and initial calibration were straightforward. At first there was a tiny bit of stiction, but within an hour or so of use it has loosened up and smoothed out and now it is a complete revelation. I'm not playing a game any more, I'm flying a ship, in a game. Control response is butter smooth. Even just sitting on my desk it is heavy enough not to move around even with pretty aggressive movements. Plenty of buttons, lots of time mapping. Can not recommend more highly.

        Hi Anadromous,

        We really appreciate your detailed review and are sure this will be very helpful for simmers who may not be familiar with VKB products yet.

        Cheers, VKB Support team

        Nathan Hemi
        Gladiator EVO 'Space Combat Edition' Standard Review

        This is an absolutely fantastic flight stick for those who are new to the hobby. It's great for a whole range of simulators and games, such as DCS, Battlefield 4, and Elite: Dangerous. If you're looking for a flight stick, this is it.

        Hi Nathan,

        Welcome to the VKB community!
        Please do not forget to check out the VKB forum ( where you find a vast amount of information about VKB products and where you can connect to other simmers.

        As a suggestion, you may want to consider the GNX extension modules and a T-Rudder to enhance your flight experience in the future.

        Happy flying!

        VKB Support team