GNX WWII Throttle

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GNX WWII Throttle

The GNX WWII Throttle extension module adds a new level of realism to the passionate flight sim pilot.

The WWII Throttle is the ideal addition to the Gladiator EVO with WWII KG12 grip:

Even though this GNX combo set will complement and expand any existing Gladiator NXT setup, a joystick is not required for this combo set to work. This set comes with a GNX USB controller pre-installed, allowing it to be used as a stand-alone device or alongside any existing joystick.

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  • 1 GNX THQ ‘WWII Throttle Grip’
    • 4 push buttons
    • K-Switch (2 buttons)
  • 1 GNX THQ
  • 1 GNX SEM-V
  • 1 GNX MFH
  • 1 GNX USB Controller (HID-Main)


  • 31 Programmable buttons
    - up to 38 w/ SEM multi-function switches configurated as buttons
  • 2 Analog axes
    - up to 4 w/ SEM multi-function switches configurated as axes
  • 8 Programmable, dual-colour LEDs

Compatible with

  • Gladiator NXT EVO
  • Can be used stand-alone with any VKB controller




  • 1 Year

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Scott Taylor
Great for the warbirds.

Great value throttle for the WW2 enthusiast. It’s well made. Easy to assemble and can be expanded with additional GNX modules if required.

Hi Scott,

We thank you for the supportive comments and the 5 star rating.
Happy flying!

Regards, VKB Support team

Matthew Ward
Top marks for the hardware

The clunky “designed by engineers, for engineers” software, however, prevents me from rating at full five stars. The software UI should either be made more user-friendly, or should come with a detailed manual. At the moment, it has neither of these.

Don A.
Very happy customer

The WWII Throttle is a great partner for my VKB joystick. It feels solid and is smooth in operation although it does slide a bit on my desk and I will need to secure it better - or perhaps get a proper desk mount. I chose this throttle module as it has a good mix of controls yet doesn't take up as much desk space as some of the other configurations.

I would advise spending some time playing with the VKBDevCfg software even if just the test panel to become familiar with the controls and the button and axis signals they send to the PC. The level of configurability available through the software is amazing.

One tip with the WWII Throttle SEM is to be aware it is the vertical configuration so make sure to watch the correct youtube instruction video when changing the flaps detent bracket. The SEM-V button labels are reversed with respect to the normal SEM module.

Overall it is a great product.

Robbie Disco
Great Quality

Please feel free to send me your rudder pedals and I’ll review them too

Hi Robbie,

Thank you very much for the 5 star rating for the GNX WWII Throttle.
We would love to send you a T-Rudder but then we guess everyone else would like one too. :-)
We are sure however if you choose to order one you will be amazed how much a set of pedals augments your sim experience.
Thank you in advance if you do!

Regards, VKB Support

Ollie Roberts

GNX WWII Throttle

Hi Ollie,

Thank you very much for the 5 star rating of the GNX WWII Throttle Combo.

Regards, VKB Support