Nye PG-44A heavy synthetic damping grease

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Nye PG-44A heavy synthetic damping grease

Nye PG-44A is a silica soap thickened, heavy viscosity, synthetic hydrocarbon grease intended for mechanical and electromechanical components that require a heavy level of damping.
It has the the following properties:

  • Extremely stiff and tacky grease 
  • Slows motion 
  • Eliminates noise, vibration, and harshness 
  • Provides a quality feel for user

Nye PG-44A is used in VKB Gladiator NXT and EVO base dampeners.
Customers may choose to re-grease their controllers to establish a smooth and dampened motion of the components.
Please note the 5g quantity is sufficient for a one time re-grease of a controller.

Nye PG-44A is exclusively manufactured by Nye Lubricants, Inc, and sold through its authorised distributors.

Important customer alert - genuine product

Customers should be aware that we sell the genuine Nye PG-44A. We purchase the product from an authorised distributor appointed by Nye Lubricants.
Please be mindful of counterfeits sold on popular online platforms under the Nyogel name and brand.
Certificate of Conformance (click here) provides proof of authenticity.

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Safety & precautions

  • Please download the Material Safety Data Sheet here and review carefully before use


  • Not applicable

Compatible with

  • Gladiator NXT and EVO controllers


IMPORTANT: While the video shows 774VH we strongly recommend that PG-44A be used instead.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Andrew Cowell

As I mostly fly helos I have removed the springs from my Warthog HOTAS which works very well except the joystick is inclined to flop about like a heli without hydraulic assist eg: R22. This grease gives the joystick a nice weighted hydraulic feel which is probably as close to realistic as you’re going to get without going to ffb.

Thank you for your review! We are glad to hear that our Nye PG-44A heavy synthetic damping grease has improved your flight experience with your Warthog HOTAS. As fellow helicopter enthusiasts, we understand the importance of having a realistic hydraulic feel in your joystick. Thank you for choosing our product and happy flying!

Andrei K.
It exceeded my expectations

I used Nyogel 767A before and decided to give PG-44A a try. It's much more viscous than 767A and works for my setup much better. I use it on Gunfighter fully tightened dry clutch with 200mm extension, MCGU and number 10 springs for helo sims in DCS. The cyclic now is just the way I like it, no spring resistance and stays in any position, the way it works in real helicopters.

Martin Higgins
RC Jet undercarriage.

Used the Nye PG-44A damping grease in an RC Jet undercarriage leg struts, works great, greatly reduces the bounce on landing, struts extend slowly from the compressed position.

Hi Martin,

Thank you for the positive review and pointing out the useful application of the grease for your RC jet.

Regards, VKB Support

Darren T
Well using to keep your stick working like new

I bought this grease as my NXT stick was no longer centering properly (especially with the lightest springs). Followed the VKB video for re-greasing and it’s back to new! There’s definitely enough in the small container to do a few applications. Be aware that it is VERY sticky. Almost like toffee that hasn’t quite set. Gloves are recommended and it takes a bit of wiping with isopropyl alcohol to get the old stuff off.

Thank you for the positive feedback Darren.

VKB Support team