Gunfighter Mk.IV Stick Extension – 200 mm / Curved

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Gunfighter Mk.IV Stick Extension – 200 mm / Curved

Compatible with Gunfighter Mk.IV controller base (see Compatibility note below)

Recommended for VKB customers who wish to upgrade their Gunfighter Mk.IV Tabletop joystick with an extension for centre or side mounting the stick – e.g., inside a simulation cockpit or chair.

For the 100mm straight extension, please click here.


  • 200 mm (8 inch) curved metal extension
  • Set of #50 springs – extra strong
  • Grip fastener

Compatible with

  • Gunfighter Mk.IV
  • IMPORTANT: Not compatible with Gunfighter Mk.II / Mk.III base

Important shipping note
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  • 1 Year

Customer Reviews

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YuJin Choi
Not bad

This extention is pretty good quality and makes much smoother move with stick. However, I noticed the stick is a bit loose on top and found all bolts were not tighten enough. I had a bit trouble to find right size of L key but even after tighten them so hard.. the top side still moves very very little. I may weld it over one day.

Hi YuJin,

Thank you for the feedback.
Please send an email to so we can assist you further.

Thank you in advance.

Regards, VKB Support team