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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 2 reviews
        Howard Parker
        Does everything it is supposed to do very well.

        Quality is excellent. The mounting on both ends s very positive and the electrical connection is really cool. Much better than the 9 pin plug in used by other extensions. Finish is excellent. My only reservation is I would have liked the off set to be about 20mm bigger to allow the grip to come back a little further and still clear the front of the chair

        Jamie Wilson
        great stick

        This is my first high end joystick and I have to say it has exceeded my expectations. A real "joy" to use.
        Bought the gunfighter and 200 mm extension at the same time. Really like the bend as it helps to clear my seat as intended. Some other brands don't have this and would be an issue with elevator travel.

        Hi Jamie,

        Thank you for the great feedback!
        The 200mm extension stick is a very popular addition to Gunfighter HOTAS setups indeed. Combined with a Universal Controller Mount (UCM-L GF) you have the perfect cockpit layout.

        VKB Australia team