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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 5 reviews
        not user friendly

        when it works its fine.
        It was difficult to get working to the point where i took it off my mount to open it up to check it was connected properly with my gladiator and it was, but the instructions are not good. i got it working but it constantly just stops working and not just in sim the lights don't even light up and i have to go through the whole recalibration setup again, defiantly not what you want when you just want to jump in and fly

        Hi Pete,

        We have noted your problem and have forwarded your case to our tech support team.
        I trust we will resolve this issue to your satisfaction.

        VKB Support Team

        Quality product can't fault it. Does what it supposed to do.

        As with the rest of the VKB kit, it's a quality product. Software is very solid, VKB official YouTube channel guides are top notch. You get what you pay for.

        Just be mindful of compatibility with EVO Omni Throttle. It's NOT compatible with Left Hand Omni throttle when attached to the left side of it. The Omni throttle stick hits the Throttle stick on the SEM Module. It's not the technical connections or mounting (that's all fine) it's the two throttles physically colliding during movement of the Omni. It's not / wasn't well documented on their website. Images attached - there is no workaround, reconsider your setup - I went with purchasing USBC module for the SEM and have it sitting as a standalone unit.

        (NOTE: I have provided this feedback to support and they may update their website site to make things more clear - this feedback is as at time of purchase March 2022)

        Hi Anton,

        Thank you very much for the great review.
        We will follow your suggestion and amend the SEM's product description to alert customers of attaching the SEM to the left of a left-hand Omni Throttle.
        This issue can be solved by connecting the SEM via USB Controller direct to the PC.

        We are sure you will have many exciting adventures with your VKB products.

        Cheers, VKB Support team

        Richard Butler
        Easy to install not so easy to get it to work with Elite Dangerous

        I found the excellent videos on how to attach the SEM to my Gladiator NXT easy to understand and follow. The upgrade of the Gladiator was also easy and I can now see the SEM in the configuration utility. I have been able to configure the SEM in the modes I want- two position switch on the landing gear and a continuous axis on the flaps, but as yet I cant see the buttons in Elite. I am going to have to map them as the numbers are too high. The manual doesn't have much if anything about the SEM so I am working through trying to figure out why I can't see an axis on the config. program.
        That all said- the module is very well made and designed. It all slotted together with my Gladiator NXT with a very firm fit. The bags of goodies for customisation are comprehensive. It has the feel and tactile qualities of a very high class piece of equipment, Like the difference in fell between a Casio calculator and an HP25 for those that can remember. I will be very happy once I get it to work.

        Thank you for your review, Richard.

        Please send us a message to to seek assistance with the button setup.
        Alternatively, please visit the VKB Forum ( where you can log a helpdesk ticket with VKB tech personnel.

        VKB AU/NZL Support team

        Great bit of kit

        The SEM is a great bit of kit - it has loads of buttons and was easy to physically setup with my GNX (RH premium) and THQ. Configuring it was a little daunting at first, but the videos were a good guide and I got the hang of it after 5-10 minutes of messing around. It feels solid and is comfortable to use for my occassional space sim flights. VKB support is good too - they were very responsive when I had an issue programming LED events and released a firmware fix within 24 hours. I've found it a great addition to the GNX.

        Hi Joel,

        Thank you very much for the 5 star rating for the SEM and we are glad you like the product.
        We also appreciate that you are an early user of the new GNX modules.

        We aim to provide the best possible local support - one of the benefits dealing directly with VKB's regional representative.

        Regards, VKB Australia team

        Dan T
        GNX SEM Review

        Bought the SEM as early as I could and I have been loving the versatility of the module. I'm currently using it as an extension to my VKB NXT Premium stick and the installation (following the youtube video) was pretty straightforward.

        Where I struggled though was the software setup, perhaps VKB could be more clear on which Device configurators to use. After a few downloads from the North American site (not the Australian one) I managed to get the latest version and after a bit more trial and error managed to get the SEM configured the way I wanted it.

        Overall I'll still highly recommend the device, though not without doing your own homework on how to get it all set up.

        Thank Dan for your review and constructive feedback.

        We have uploaded the most current files on the Australian webstore and we are in the process of making the installation process a bit easier too.

        Regards, VKB Australia team