The best VKB Controllers for Microsoft Flight Simulator

VKB offers the most versatile cockpit solutions for commercial airliners and general aviation aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator

All you need to fly aircraft in Microsoft Flight Sim!

VKB offers many flight sim controllers, throttles, flight panels and rudder pedal solutions for the beginner as well as the experienced sim pilot. Everything is compatible out of the box with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 and previous versions.

With VKB's modular ecosystem of controllers your options are endless!

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It's as easy as 1,2 ,3... to build the perfect cockpit for Microsoft Flight Simulator

1. Choose your flight stick

You may choose between the very affordable yet feature-packed Gladiator EVO base.

No other joystick in the market at this price range boasts technology such as gimbal ball bearings, adjustable dry clutches, fibre-glass enforced ABS industrial-grade plastic and a state-of-the-art STM Arm 32-bit Cortex-M4 CPU with FPU.

View all Gladiator EVO controllers (click here).

For the best of the best, look no further than the premium Gunfighter Mk.IV base - a professional level, full metal gimbal flight control system.

Features include:

  • a new generation clutch with no stiction soft start and extra smooth movement
  • spring pre-tighteners for exact joystick movement load tension
  • a new powerful external controller for increased frequency and drastically boosted productivity
  • a new type of grip to base connector eliminating the risk of damaging the gold-plated contacts for extended longevity

View all Gunfighter Mk.IV controllers (click here).


2. Select your throttle and flight panels

The GNX modules provide the most versatile configuration options.
Mix and match from the Throttle Quadrant (THQ), the Side Extension Module (SEM) and the Front Switchboard Module - General Aviation (FSM-GA) to design the ideal Microsoft Flight Simulator controls for you.

Check them out here:

Visit the GNX Modules overview page for more details (click here).

Only need a single or dual engine throttle?

The look no further than the brand new STECS - Single / Twin Engine Control System.

The STECS is the premier modular throttle system for flight and space sim pilots.

While many commercially available throttles are designed, and ergonomically optimized, for use with a certain type of flying machines, the STECS offers a more universal solution thanks to its modularity and customizability.

Needless to say, STECS is compatible with all VKB controllers and modules.

We gave our full attention to tactile feeling of this control device. Soft and comfy replaceable rubber inserts reduce slipperiness of naked material and ensure better grip. Same goes about encoder wheels and buttons: all of them have rubberized inserts.

Smooth and non-sticky movement of the throttle axes is supported by adjustable independent clutches.

Combining this multitude of modules, you can create hundreds of different configurations for your own personal needs.

Visit the STECS overview page for more details (click here).

3. Finally, add rudder pedals

Our T-Rudder is the most precise, sturdy and reliable rudder pedals for MSFS 2024 and all previous versions. Its all-metal construction with wide pedals for maximum comfort and a next-generation VMaRS sensor and adjustable pedal tension will surely impress.
The T-Rudder works out of the box - no driver or software installs are required. Easy!

Click here to view the T-Rudder for MSFS.  

So you see why VKB manufacturers the very best Microsoft Flight Sim joystick and controllers!

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The best joystick for Microsoft Flight Simulator is waiting for you!

What our customers say about the best flight stick for Microsoft Flight Simulator

VKB Gladiator NXT EVO PRO Space Combat Edition

Hi everyone

if you are looking at a new flight control system for your simulator i can highly recommend this system after using this for some flights in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 totalling around 11 hours. it’s pretty easy to assemble when you receive it and it is straight forward plug and play after download of the initial software from VKB.

if i could rate it higher i would, because the features are amazing and i love how i can set the dampers and spring strength to my liking for the different axis …

please note that this is not a selling sleep from me just purely a recommendation as i have used many flight controllers over my 25+ years in the flight simulation community and over 7+ years real world aviation experience, take care and happy flying….

GNX WW2 Throttle

Purchased the WW2 throttle to partner with my Gladiator GNX EVO joystick which I purchased about 12 months ago from this website. The throttle arrived a few days after purchase which was great considering it had to travel interstate. Construction is superb and it feels very solid and looks great. Using it and the joystick for MSFS 2020 and now have lots and lots of buttons to assign functions to ! I have had a hassle free experience from VKB products and the VKB Australia site. I highly recommend both.

Another 5 stars review

Quick shipping - Order on Friday and receive on Monday in Sydney metro area.

Good customer service - quick reply to buyer’s email and provide the best solution for the customer needs.
Good quality - well-made product with attention to details design, buttons are well position and easy to access by each finger, extra handle high adjustment padding for small hand players is the best.
Highly recommended for player who looking for a good flight stick, compare to LG X56, T.16000M, or T.Flight series, VKB above all of them. Spent bit more, but you get better performance and accuracy when playing DCS, E.D. S.C. and MSFS. I am sure I will enjoy it for a very long time.

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