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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 5 reviews
        Justin Struthers
        Easy assembly, adjustment, and mounting, trademark VKB build quality

        This shorter version of the universal mount is amazing for mounting to a desk. You can adjust and configure it to be a lot shorter or a bit longer than you see in the pictures on the website, and it's super high build quality (as everything seems to be from VKB). Easy to assemble, easy to adjust, and easy to mount/dismount between sessions. The desk mount system is incredibly sturdy and appears to distribute the weight quite well (doesn't look like the aggressive twists and turns of aerial/space combat will have any negative effects on the mount, unlike some weaker mounting systems which can gradually become temporarily or even permanently loose due to vibrations and impacts). Works wonderfully with my Gladiator joystick, although if you're really trying then you can end up in a situation where the joystick touches the metal panel on the mount when you push it all the way forward. I still give this 5 stars though because that could just as easily be blamed on the joystick.
        While I wish it was a bit cheaper, I honestly feel it's worth the price if you want a low-set joystick without having to build a cockpit.
        I love it and highly recommend it!

        Hi Justin,

        Thank you for the 5 star rating for the Universal Controller Mount for the Gladiator.
        We assure the high-quality and long-lasting build quality of the product which hopefully justified the purchase price in your mind.
        For long hours of flight and space simulation, a UCM is a handy addition to any cockpit in order to provide superior ergonomics.

        Regards, VKB Support team

        Jeff Harris
        So professional!

        I was so amazed with the service provided by VKB. Not only were they very quick to respond to my questions but provided me with the confidence that I had made the right decision. Boy were they right. It was more then I could have hoped for and Universal Mount Controller was so easy to configure and set up. Not only the that, but I also received it almost a week and half ahead of schedule even though it was on back order!! Very very happy and already I can see the results. It is next level! Well done VKB and keep up the good work.


        Very happy customer

        Solid As a Rock

        I teetered on the edge of buying these mounts for 6+ months, but after considering all of the alternative options and finally giving in, I'm very glad I got them.

        There are a number of cheaper versions built out of off the shelf clamps & extruded aluminium pieces, but they were never cheap enough to justify (in my mind) the potential loss of quality compared to these mounts.

        I also considered building them myself; you can find the inline clamps that some of the cheaper mounts use online very easily. That plus a few trips to Bunnings and a lot of swearing would probably be the cheapest option, but I'm no tradesman, so anything I would build would definitely be awful.

        In the end, I'm super glad I bought these mounts. They are incredibly customisable in terms of exactly where you want the sticks to be positioned, but are also absolutely rock solid. I have a solid walnut desk which probably helps, but I think I could actually pick the whole desk up by the mounts, they are that secure. Not that I'm actually going to try that.

        They come mostly assembled incorrectly for the sake of shipping as compact as possible. You have to completely disassemble them and then put them back together in the correct way. I struggled for a moment to figure it out, but once I got the assembly video up in front of me, they were straight forward to put together, just from pausing it and looking at it from different angles.

        Having said that, not everyone played with lego as much as I did as a kid and they should definitely update the video using the much better quality cameras that have been used in recent videos, as well as the updated hardware itself. The video is very non-specific about which bolts are supposed to go where, and the exact ordering of washer - spring washer - nut, so I can see some users getting very lost or incorrectly assembling their mounts if they aren't already familiar with those basics of hardware.

        They also really need to offer an online PDF with some really good qualify photos and a well labelled part chart; I now have two bags of spare bolts & some pieces that I don't even know what they are for.

        One thing to watch is that they have some very sharp edges, and because they are so solid once mounted to a desk, you will hurt yourself on them. Not being used to having them there, I've managed to make myself bleed 3 times so far on them, and very mildly hurt myself countless times more.

        DO NOT leave these attached to a desk where a child could be running around. I don't have any children, but I know many of them. They are real dummies, and I can 100% see one sprinting head first into it and really hurting themselves.

        Edit: Also it turned up in about a day, which is incredibly impressive at the moment. I am still waiting on a package from Sydney that was shipped 2 weeks ago.

        Hi Vonk,

        We are super impressed by your detailed review. Thank you so much as this is really helpful to simmers who have not had prior experience with VKB products.

        Given the solid nature of the UCM we believe they are really good value given that they will last for a very, very long time.

        The feedback regarding the manuals is noted and we will aim to improve the documentation in the near future.

        We are sorry that you hurt yourself on the bracket and check what can be done about it.

        Regards, VKB Australia team


        Fantastic communication fast delivery and a brilliant product. Purchased tje gladiator NXT dual sticks and the ucm's live them.

        Hi there,

        We really like your product review and think this is very helpful for gamers new to the VKB brand.
        Congratulations on your brilliant setup of controllers and mount!

        VKB Australia team

        Michael Gosnell
        Fast Shipping

        Purchased my product at 12pm and it was sent by 3pm that afternoon.

        Thank you for your feedback, Michael.

        Yes, we are trying to ship orders received prior to 12pm the same day. Sometimes we can still process orders that come in until 3pm.
        We figure nobody wants to wait too long to get their hands on these controllers!

        Cheers from the VKB Australia team