UCM Short for Mouse or Keypad (UCM-S MK)

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Universal Controller Mount (UCM) Short for Mouse or Keypad (UCM-S MK)

This stand-alone controller mount is recommended for users who wish to custom pick & choose their UCM Mounts from a list of stand-alone items. Accessories to further customize stand-alone UCM mounts can be ordered in this web store.
For any questions and recommendations please contact our Support team.

Depicted Joysticks, Throttles, Phones, Tablets or other products are not included!

Compatible with

  • Compatible with gaming mice and keypads
  • UCM mounts support table tops up to 6.5cm (2.6inch) thick


  • 1 Year


Important shipping note
This product is in stock at our Australian warehouse and shipped without delay.


Please be aware that for shipping purposes UCM mounts are pre-assembled to some extent to fit into the box. In order to assemble your UCM mount correctly, you would need to take them apart first, and then follow the video guides below accordingly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Universal Controller Mount

Absolutely sensational . Fantastic quality and flexibility with loads of customisation capability. An absolute plethora of accessories and spare nuts and bolts etc provided. Loved them so much I got four. ( Two for me and two for my son )

Hi Julian,

Thank you very much for the great review and we are sure simmers new to VKB will find this very helpful.

Regards, VKB Support team

Ben T

UCM Short for Mouse or Keypad (UCM-S MK)

Thanks very much, Ben, for the 5 star rating.

The UCMs are definitely a worthwhile addition to any VKB setup.

VKB Australia team