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Firmware (for all VKB Devices)

VKB Device Firmware (v2.09.0 XT) – 6 December 2021 - SUPPORTS GNX MODULES!

  • NEW! For GNX modules attached to a Gladiator NXT joystick, use this firmware format: “Gladiator_NXT_vx_xx.vkb”
  • NEW! For GNX modules with GNX USB Controller (HID-Main) installed, use this firmware format: “GNX_USB_Controller_vx.xx.vkb”
  • For VKB devices with the black BlackBox, you need to select firmware starting with “_BlackBox_MK2_”
  • If your device uses the orange BlackBox, chose firmware starting with  “_BlackBox_” instead
  • For Gunfighters with Twist Adapters built into their MCG grip, select firmware with “_Twist_” in its name
  • For legacy Gladiators/Pro with KG12 grip, select firmware with “_Gladiator_KG12_” in its name
  • Firmware naming convention examples:
    • Gunfighter: <blackbox type>_GF_<grip type>_<firmware version>.vkb
    • Gladiator NXT: <gladiator_nxt>_<firmware version>.vkb
    • Legacy Gladiator: <gladiator>_<grip type>_<firmware version>.vkb

Configuration Apps

How to update your controller and GNX modules to the latest firmware

Please note this step is usually not required as all controllers are shipped with the latest firmware.
If issues are encountered with the axes or buttons, please follow below steps to calibrate the controller.

How to calibrate your controller's axes and buttons

Please note this step is only required if the quick calibration as per the instructions enclosed in the box do not yield satisfactory results.
Please ensure all steps are carefully followed in detail.
Please do not use any other calibration software, eg. Microsoft.
The vkbdevcfg software is available for download on this page.
Whilst the Gladiator EVO is depicted in these instructions, the same steps apply to the Gunfighter and T-Rudder products.

 The calibration instructions start at 5:13 minutes in the video.

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