Gladiator NXT to EVO Upgrade Kit

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Gladiator NXT to EVO Upgrade Kit

This kit upgrades a Gladiator NXT base to the gimbal of the Gladiator NXT EVO to take advantage of the ball bearings and adjustable dry clutches of the EVO.

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  • 1 Year

Compatible with

  • Gladiator NXT base - regardless of Premium / Standard or left / right hand grip



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Customer Reviews

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Upgrade Evo Kit Review

I bought the Evo Clutch upgrade for my left Gladiator NXT base, as the last GNX Unit I purchased was not nearly at the same level of quality as the other three. The internal detente had broken off and therefore I had no centering on the Y axis.

The new base itself was not subject to these problems. Installation wasn't exactly easy, but it was fairly straight forward.

Tuning in the clutch can take time and be a bit of a pain. I didn't find I liked the handling any better than my other NXTs, and it produced a somewhat incosistent range. There's also the strange feeling of cords being squashed when fully deflecting the stick to the left. It has also locked up on me several times in flight where the stick would not deflect right from centre. These episoides have been few and far between though.

Overall, it was convenient if somewhat expensive method of fixing the inferior base I had received earlier. Having to open the base to access the clutch adjustment is less than ideal, and the kit itself didn't include the allen key, so I had to make do myself with one from home, which mad the process a bit of a nightmare.

All in all it does what it says on the tin, if you prefer the dry clutch feeling, then go for it. If you've got working NXTs presently, then I would say the upgrade is superflous.

Hi Anaryl,

We thank you for your review and trust that the base upgrade will serve you well into the future.

Regards, VKB Support team

Gladiator NXT to EVO Upgrade

Worth it: if you are considering this; then just bite the bullet and just do it;
Quite a significant difference having the ball-bearing gymbol with cam brakes to adjust to your liking: A very easy to follow video is found on the NXT/EVO page. +1 VKB: Thank you !

Hi Russell,

We thank you for your positive review of the NXT to EVO upgrade kit. It is a very worthwhile addition to your controller and we are glad you like it.

Regards, VKB Support team

Craig Karsten
Nice upgrade for Gladiator NXT

Upgraded to take advantage of the dry clutch and ball bearings. Installation took me about 15-20mins with no problems following the excellent video from the VKB channel. With the upgrade the stick returns to centre with no oscillation and feels very smooth. The tension feels a little bit stiffer but is perfect for DCS. I feel the upgrade is definitely worth it, albeit a little bit on the pricey side especially if you have purchased the NXT shortly before the EVO was released.

Hi Craig,

Thank you very much for the 5 star rating for the EVO upgrade kit.
Happy flying!

Cheers, VKB Support team