GNX Front Switchboard Module – General Aviation (FSM-GA)

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GNX Front Switchboard Module - General Aviation (FSM-GA)

The GNX Front Switchboard Module – General Aviation adds a new level of realism to the passionate flight and space pilot.

While the FSM-GA was designed with General Aviation pilots in mind, the module is highly configurable to suit any flight and space sim cockpit.

Vertical module:

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  • 2 Rotary encoder knobs with push button
  • 1 Wheel encoder
  • 16 Push buttons
  • 12 bi-coloured LEDs

FSM-GA features


Important: Unlike the THQ and SEM modules, the FSM-GA does not have any axis controls. Therefore, a GNX USB Controller is not required to support the FSM-GA. Please check the information on the GNX USB Controller page.

Compatible with

  • Gladiator NXT Standard or Premium
  • UCM Stronghold
  • GNX USB Controller (HID-Main)


  • FSM-GA Module
  • Type-C connector guard
  • GNX BUS (Type-C)-(Type-C) Interface Cable




  • 1 Year

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
David Graham
Returning customer... What better endorsement?

I have been using VKB hardware for a while now. I have various EVO sticks and a couple of the the GNX modules. The fact that I come back now to expand my collection to an additional THQ and added the FSM-GA surely is the best endorsement of how I feel about these gaming devices.

Ollie Roberts

Very good, only problem was needing the HID main controller to use it by its self

Hi Ollie,

Thank you very much for your positive review.
The GNX modules like the FSM-GA either connects to another module like the SEM or the THQ, and in stand-alone mode it needs the USB Controller to connect to the PC.

Regards, VKB Support

High quality build, good for general and semi-combat simulation

Does what it's supposed to do, high build quality, nice feeling buttons and is excellent for general aviation i.e. just flying little turboprops.
Can't wait to get my hands on their WW2 switchboards!

Thanks very much for your review, David.

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VKB Australia team