GNX Side Extension Module Vertical (GNX-SEM-V)

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GNX Side Extension Module (GNX-SEM)

The GNX Side Extension Module Vertical adds a new level of realism to the passionate flight and space pilot.

While the GNX-SEM-V was designed with General Aviation pilots in mind, the module is highly configurable to suit any flight and space sim cockpit.

Vertical module:

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  • 1 Rotary switch
  • 2 Multi-function axis
  • 2 K-switches w/ central push button
  • 7 Push buttons
  • 8 Programmable, dual colour LEDs
  • Provides either a total of 24 logical buttons, or 17 logical buttons and 2 analogue axis (based on configuration)

SEM features

SEM features 2


Important: Depending on your configuration of controller/s and GNX modules, you may require a GNX USB Controller. Please check the information on the GNX USB Controller page.

Compatible with


  • SEM-V
  • Plastic coupler
  • Type-C connector guard
  • Rubber pads
  • Plastic spacers
  • Interchangeable heads
  • Interchangeable detents
  • Internal “module-to-module” cable
  • Internal “module-to-joystick” cable
  • Phillips Screw driver
  • HEX Screw driver
  • Stickers with protective film
  • BUS (Type-C)-(Type-C) Interface Cable




  • 1 Year

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Good but...

Good little panel, but the gear and flap levers are backwards - as in, the lever for the flaps can ONLY have the gear knob fitted, and the gear lever can ONLY have the flap knob fitted.

Backwards and takes away immersion, if you are into that.

Thank you for your feedback on our GNX Side Extension Module Vertical. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the positioning of the gear and flap levers. We will take this into consideration for future product improvements. If you have any further concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team. Thank you for your support.

H Goodwin
Great Quality Product

This is what we were looking for in terms of quality and functionality. We ended up swapping it for the SEM module because of the mounting options but overall, this is a great add on option.

Hi H,

Thank you for choosing the new GNX modules and being an early adopter.
We trust you will have many enjoyable hours flying with the GNX modules.

VKB Australia team

David Lian
Excellent hardware but handicapped by user unfriendly programming app

VKB's hardware is the just about the best value for money hardware for flight simmers. Build quality and engineering design is first rate to the point of bettering even some real life aircraft controls (NB I'm an aero engineer, commercial pilot & Yak-50 owner). BUT the VKB Configurator app isn't user friendly and the user guide falls far short of the hardware's quality. Even though I'm technically proficient and have decent programming experience, I have been left scratching my head over how to program functions while referring to the user guide. In contrast, Thrustmaster's manuals and programming approach is far superior.

Thanks very much for your feedback, David.

We are really impressed with your feedback and supportive comments given your professional background.
Please do reach out to us at if we can assist with any questions or issues.

Regards, VKB Australia team