Gunfighter Mk.IV Modern Combat Edition Ultimate with Twist

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Gunfighter IV ‘Modern Combat Edition’ Ultimate - Tabletop


  • 1 MCG ‘Modern Combat Grip’ – Ultimate
  • 1 Gunfighter IV Base

MCG Ultimate Grip

  • Right-hand grip design
  • 24-32 programmable buttons, based on the Hat module installed
  • 5 analog axes (2x slew control mini stick axes / 2x trimmer mini stick axes / 1x brake lever axis)
  • Dual-stage trigger (trigger 1)
  • Metal folding trigger (trigger 2) with two-position sensor (flipped up/down)
  • Mini stick module
  • Hat switch module
  • Extra button caps (black)
  • Screwdriver
  • Set of grip fasteners
  • 1 Built-in, lockable twist adapter
  • 1 Hex screw to lock the twist adapter
  • Made from a lightweight, durable aluminum alloy
  • Made with OMRON and ALPS precision buttons and switches
  • Adjustable palm rest (25 mm range)
  • Ergonomic grip angle (can be rotated left up to 15 degrees)

Gunfighter IV Base

  • All-metal gimbal with next-gen adjustable axis dampers
  • New and improved grip connector (Rev.C)
  • Swappable cams and springs
  • Spring pre-tighteners to easily remove, loosen, or tighten springs
  • Avia cams with progressive loading (soft and hard center)
  • Space cams with linear loading (soft and hard center)
  • Cams made of hardened stainless-steel alloy
  • Wide stance tabletop baseplate
  • BlackBox 3 with 32-bit ARM MCU Hi-Speed USB controller
  • Set of springs (#20, #30, and #40)
  • Spring installation tool
  • 50 cm (1.6′) interface cable
  • 180 cm (6′) USB 2.0 cable

Is the Gunfighter Ultimate with 'No Twist' available?

Please note that we do not stock the controller with 'No Twist'.
Users can easily lock the twist option if not desired.

Important shipping note:
This product is in stock at our Australian warehouse and shipped without delay.


  • All accessories labelled as Gunfighter Mk.IV are compatible with this Gunfighter Mk.IV controller. Accessories include, for example, grips, stick extensions (100mm and 200mm), etc. 


  • 1 Year



  • Please visit the Downloads section for configuration software, device firmware, as well as software documentation.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Good build quality.

Very impressed with the all metal grip and long press firm resistance buttons.

The Gunfighter IV base clutch dampers give a silky smooth weighty feel across both axis with or without an extension.

A worthy upgrade.

Hi Sam,

We really appreciate your supportive feedback and the 5 star rating.
The Gunfighter Mk.IV MCG Ultimate is our top-end controller and we congratulate you on choosing an awesome product.

Regards, VKB Support

Pretty good!

The depth of customisation and personalisation in this stick is rather impressive. Admittedly daunting at first, after committing some hours into modification and experimentation with the hardware and software, I was able to create an experience that I feel for me is absolutely ideal. It feels so stable and precise when aiming that I never even realized how badly my old setup was holding me back until I had this in my hand. Sturdy build too, the stick is all metal and will last you indefinitely. The buttons feel luxurious, which are gratefully plentiful, and being able to swap out digital and analog hats is also a very appreciated feature.

My only real gripe is lack of on-the-fly adjustment for spring tension and dampening... Having to remove the sick, to remove the dust cover, to reattach the stick to start adjusting makes me wish there was a simpler way, especially when the dust cover itself can affect the tension on the firmer pulls on the axis, causing me a lot of reassemblies trying to anticipate how it will feel after putting it back together.

Regardless, it's an incredible device that is built to last, very precise and, as far as I can tell, very accommodating to repairs. I fail to imagine how anyone would be disappointed when there is just this much modification afforded to you. It does require a fair bit of work to customize just how you like it, but you WILL like it.

Hi Anthony,

Thank you very much for the detailed review and the 5 star rating.

Your suggestion to have an on-the-fly adjustment is great and we will forward to the Engineering team.

Regards, VKB Support team

Alexander Jaeger
Epic customisation

The MCGU has so many buttons! All my key bind needs are met.

Its super easy to change out 2 of the mini sticks for hat switches instead, no need to open up the whole grip, and is done in 2 minutes or less.

The grip is weighty, the default springs on the gunfighter are way too light. Ive done a 40A and 30A together with some mild dampening to tame this beast. Feels great!

Thank you for the great review Alexander.

We highly appreciate your positive comments and trust that simmers new to VKB will find them very valuable.

Regards, VKB Support team