Gunfighter Stand-alone Grips without base

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Gunfighter Mk.III Stand-alone Grips (without base) - Rev B

Important: These are Revision B (RevB) grips and not compatible with the new Gunfighter Mk.IV base. You will need a grip upgrade kit for a Rev.B grip to be compatible. Please click here to see the upgrade kits.

Stand-alone grips are sold without a base and are a cost-efficient addition to any flight or space simmer who wishes to add variety to their simulation experience.

Grips can easily be interchanged on a single Gunfighter Mk.III base within minutes. Please note that the grips are only compatible with a Gunfighter Mk.III base (not compatible with Gladiator base).
To view Gladiator grips please click here.

MCG PRO Grip no Twist

  • Right-hand grip design
  • 24 programmable buttons
  • 6 analogue axes (2x slew control ministick axis / 2x trimmer ministick axis / 1x folding trigger axis / 1x brake lever axis)
  • Dual-stage trigger (trigger 1)
  • Metal folding trigger (trigger 2) with two-position sensor (flipped up/down)
  • Made with OMRON and ALPS precision buttons and switches; Grip made from industrial strength ABS (injection moulding); Adjustable palm rest (25mm height adjustment); Ergonomic grip angle (can be rotated left up to 15 degrees)

Twist option

Please select the MCG Twist Adapter kit to add a Twist function to your controller.

MCG Ultimate Grip with Twist

Adjustable dampers allow the user to adjust the friction of the stick, which results in a heavier throw with less oscillation. The all-metal gimbal supports up to two springs per axis (up to 2x #40 spring strength), which allows for a stiffer overall feel during stick movement, especially when using an extension or a heavy grip.

  • All-metal, right-hand grip design
  • 24-32 programmable buttons, based on module installed
  • 6 analogue axis (2x slew control ministick axis / 2x trimmer ministick axis / 1x twist axis / 1x brake lever axis)
  • Dual-stage trigger (trigger 1)
  • Metal folding trigger (trigger 2) with two-position sensor (flipped up/down)
  • Lockable twist adapter
  • Ministick module
  • Hat switch module
  • Button caps (black colour)
  • Screwdriver
  • Set of grip fasteners
  • Made from a lightweight, durable aluminium alloy.
  • Made with OMRON and ALPS precision buttons and switches;  Adjustable palm rest (25mm height adjustment); Ergonomic grip angle (can be rotated left up to 15 degrees)

'Space Combat Edition' Kosmosima Premium right and left-handed Grip

  • Left- or Right-hand versions
  • All-purpose control grip for flight and space simulations
  • Compact grip design – Perfect for tabletop joysticks
  • Lockable Twist (Z axis) with contactless MaRS sensor
  • 1 Dual Action Trigger
  • 1 Rapid Fire Trigger
  • 3 Hat switches with centre push (4-way)
  • 3 buttons
  • 1 analogue ministick with centre push (8-way)
  • Programmable red colour LED
  • Programmable RGB LED
  • Set of grip fasteners
  • 2 interchangeable palm rests (total 3 palm size adjustments)
  • Extra button module for C1 position
  • Extra hat switch module for A1 position
  • Trigger cover
  • Made from industrial-grade ABS
  • Compact design and low height makes it extra comfortable with desktop joysticks
  • Plenty of handily positioned buttons
  • 32-bit ARM controller is used for precise and speedy data computation and transmission to the joystick base
  • ALPS buttons (Japan OEM) for extended longevity, and a VKB proprietary self centreing twist

'F-14 Combat Edition' Combat Grip

  • F-14 replica grip
  • Right-handed grip
  • Built-in, lockable twist adapter
  • Rubber inserts for a no slip firm and handy grip
  • Metal ammo switch, hat, and emergency autopilot disable trigger
  • Long travel, soft-click buttons
  • Modular hat design (fully dismantlable, all buttons user replaceable)
  • Ammo switch design based on contactless sensor
  • Spring-loaded, self-centreing DLC (Direct Lift Control) manoeuvre wheel design based on contactless sensor
  • Two-step trigger design based on cam mechanism – similar to that used in real life war planes
  • 32-bit ARM controller as the brain of the grip
  • Made from industrial-grade ABS

Available Grip Axis/Buttons:

  • 1 Rudder axis (lockable)
  • 1 DLC (Direct Lift Control) axis
  • 1 Hat Switch with push
  • 1 Dual-stage trigger
  • 1 Four-stage ammo selector w/ safety lock and push
  • 4 Programmable buttons

'WWII Combat Edition' KG12 Grip

  • Folding metal trigger
  • Pinky metal lever (button)
  • Bomb release button
  • 8-way HAT switch
  • Side button
  • Built-in contactless twist adapter
  • Right-hand grip design

Important shipping note
These products are not in stock at our Australian warehouse and delivery time is approx. 2-3 weeks.


  • 1 Year
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mcg Pro

I added this grip to my gf mk3 base and it feels so good having more buttons and axis than I could need, love the ability to customise pov or axis on the hats and button combined with axis on brake lever
When things die they will all be getting replaced with vkb! There pedals are out the gate quality for there price too!
Big shout out to luke from support for keeping me informed and replying promptly to every email, hands down top notch service
Sent to nz was smooth as through cuatoms

Hello Michael,

We're glad to hear that you are enjoying the Gunfighter MCG Pro Grip. It's great to know that you find the additional buttons and axis to be useful and that the ability to customize the POV and axis on the hats and buttons is a plus for you. We appreciate your support and loyalty to VKB, and we're happy to hear that our pedals have met your expectations in terms of quality and price. We will definitely pass on your kind words to Luke from our support team, and we're glad to know that he provided top-notch service to you. Thank you for choosing VKB, and we hope you continue to enjoy our products.

Best regards,
The VKB Team

james russell
Kg12 Grip

Arrived within the time VKB said it would. Emiaied at order and at time of processing and freight. Replaced MCG Pro grip with KG12 grip on Gunfighter base, flashed software and calibrated the new grip, worked instantly and beautifully in DCS. 5 outta 5 stars for service and product.

Hi James,

Thank you very much for the great review and pointing out the service provided.
We love the photo. Is that your co-pilot by chance? :-)

Regards, VKB Support

MCG Ultimate

I upgraded from MCG Pro to Ultimate. The metal construction feels good. The buttons are firmer, triggers are heavier, in a good way. Feels solid.
The weight increase is significant and with a 200mm extension you'll probably want heavier springs.
I used GATE CONT as a hat, so being able to physically replace it with an actual HAT is great.
All up, a very nice upgrade but not essential considering the expense.

Hi Paul,

Thank you for the 5 star rating of the Gunfighter MCG Ultimate and we appreciate your feedback.
Being an all metal construction we are sure the MCG Ultimate will last you for a long time.

Regards, VKB Support team


Gunfighter Stand-alone Grips without base

Hi Adrian,

Thank you for the 5 star rating of the Gunfighter grip.

VKB Support team

Ted Waetford
KG12 New

I own an MCG and the original KG12. I was always a fan of the original KG12 simply because the trigger felt so good. However it lacked buttons for general use. The new KG12 feels much better with the new grip, and the extra lever&button makes it usable for a wider range of aircraft. It is now my go-to stick. The trigger doesn't quite have the click of the old KG12, but it is still far-and-away better than the trigger on the MCG. Very happy with the new KG12

Hi Ted,

Thank you very much for your review and great comments that we believe are very useful to other simmers.

Cheers, VKB Support team