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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 7 reviews
        Luke Watts
        Perfect for multi-role usage!

        Man, the design team at VKB must have read my mind because I was wondering why a stick like this didn't exist before. The new dry clutches and easy access to springs allowed me to make a perfect combined aircraft + 6DoF spacecraft throttle. Not only do I have perfect normal control of a normal aircraft with very smooth action on the throttle and no stickiness, I also have access to strafing AND vertical thrust with the X axis and twist function. Highly recommended if you enjoy DCS, Microsoft Flight Sim and games like Star Citizen all at the same time!

        Hi Luke,

        Thank you very much for your detailed insights how the EVO Omni Throttle assists your flying.
        The Omni Throttle is popular with flight and space simmers alike.

        Regards, VKB Support team

        Great controllers and local distributor

        Great to see a local distributor for these fantastic controllers. I have to say I never expected to see an Aussie distributor for VKB Controllers. As soon as I stumbled on it though, I placed my order. Cheers!

        Hi PIK,

        Thank you for the 5 star rating for the Omni Throttle.
        This is one of VKB's latest products and a real hit with flight and space simmers alike.

        Being an Aussie distributor we can provide effective and fast technical support and respond to customer enquiries.

        Cheers, VKB Support team

        Daniel S
        VKB Evo Omni Throttle: Amazing and Highly Configurable

        I play space games such as X-Wing Alliance and X4 Foundations. This handles both perfectly - from intense dog fighting to just cruising around trying to get a ship to dock in 3D space exactly right. I took off the Y axis spring and I tightened the dampers just a perfect amount to allow throttle to move smoothly but also to ensure that it doesn't move on it's own. For my use case: The stick has enough Y axis range to make it feel like a full throttle. It is great and immersive as all heck. The price is unbeatable & the amount you can configure is mind boggling. The software is extremely powerful too. I personally configured the LEDS to indicate when I was at center of Y axis and I also removed the hat button disable toggle. This is actually my 2nd purchase from VKB - I bought the Gunfighter MK3 with twist many years ago and that purchase is still going strong (off their Alibaba store). When VKB opened an Australian store this was a no brainer. Literally please "Take my money" even if it was a way to support VKB & I threw my TWCS throttle into the trash instantly. Brilliant hardware here cannot recommend enough.

        Thank you so much for the great review, Daniel.

        We are really happy you like the VKB gear.
        The EVO Omni Throttle has been a hit with the sim community since its launch a couple of months ago.

        Happy flying!

        VKB Support team

        Angus Steven

        Gladiator EVO Omni Throttle

        Thank you very much for the 5 star rating, Angus.

        VKB Support team

        James Walters
        Amazing and versatile piece of kit

        I love my lefthand OTA Evo NXT stick. It's honestly the best, though I don't think I'm using it to its full potential. But the fact it has a dry clutch means I can turn it into a throttle, but have the flexibility to make it what ever I want in the future.

        Perfect for both space sims and flight sims, if you want something high quality for a reasonable cost, this is what you need. It must be such a game changer for left handed people, as well, as now they have a system that will work for them without having to force something that isn't natural for them

        Thank you very much, James, for the 5 star rating.

        Since we launched the EVO Omni Throttle we have received tremendous response from the sim community. The stick has fast become the go-to controller for many space simmers.
        We are glad you enjoy the EVO Omni Throttle too.

        Regards, VKB Support team