The best VKB controllers for Star Citizen

VKB offers the only angled joystick for Star Citizen and other space simulation games

Why is VKB your best joystick for Star Citizen?

A spaceship moves in 6 different directions (also called 6 Degrees Of Freedom, or "6DOF" in short).

The movements Pitch, Roll and Yaw are controlled by the stick in your dominant hand - same as an aeroplane.

But unlike an aeroplane, a space ship can also move Up/Down, Left/Right and Forward/Backward.

While a straight stick provides a natural feel for the Left/Right and Forward/Backward movement, it does not have an intuitive control for Up/Down.

That's why the Omni Throttle thanks to its angled stick is the perfect Star Citizen controller!

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The best grip and joystick base for your Star Citizen space sim missions!

VKB designed the SCG 'Space Combat Edition' grip specifically for space missions.
It comes with tons of buttons, hat switches, mini joysticks and axes.

It's the best joystick to play Star Citizen!

You may choose between the very affordable yet feature-packed Gladiator EVO base.

No other joystick in the market at this price range boasts technology such as gimbal ball bearings, adjustable dry clutches, fibre-glass enforced ABS industrial-grade plastic and a state-of-the-art STM Arm 32-bit Cortex-M4 CPU with FPU.

For the best of the best, look no further than the premium Gunfighter Mk.IV base - a professional level, full metal gimbal flight control system.

Features include:

  • a new generation clutch with no stiction soft start and extra smooth movement
  • spring pre-tighteners for exact joystick movement load tension
  • a new powerful external controller for increased frequency and drastically boosted productivity
  • a new type of grip to base connector eliminating the risk of damaging the gold-plated contacts for extended longevity

Both the Gladiator and Gunfighter joysticks are the ideal flight sticks for Star Citizen!

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What our customers say about Star Citizen best controller setup

Vkb gladiator control and Omi throttle

Great product works perfectly in star citizen, easy to set up and configure so happy with the product.

Great for space simming

As an enthusiastic Star citizen player, this variant of the gladiator just feels great to use. Its more comfortable to use the twist inputs for upwards and downwards movement with this configuration, and it's got all the benefits of a premium evo stick too. Highly recommended for space sims, and recommend for plane sims as well.

Fantastic for Star Citizen do not get anything else

Modular, great feel, software is okay, sticks are customizable so many buttons, they came quick and really good price

Unrivalled local support and fast shipping!

Your next mission awaits and we have the very best Star Citizen flight controls for you.
That's why you can always rely on the Australia-based VKB Customer Services team for fast responses and clear communication.

And we are the only top-tier global controller manufacturer with an Australian warehouse.
We not only stock most popular products but also spare parts if ever there is a need for it.

So for your very best Star Citizen HOSAS setup, don't settle for second best and make the VKB Omni Throttle your trusted co-pilot!

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