Space simulation

Welcome to the world of VKB space sim!

The VKB ecosystem provides controllers and accessories for the most discerning sim pilots.

Please follow below steps to explore the many setup options.
You may mix and match products as it best suits your individual needs!

Step 1 - Choose your preferred controller

All VKB controllers come with a vast number of configurable buttons and triggers.
Spoilt for choice and assisted by powerful software tools, you will sure find your perfect setup.

Spacecraft are best controlled with a dual controller setup. While two straight sticks make for a good setup, an angled controller in the non-dominant hand, or even both hands, is a superior choice as it provides a more natural feel to steering the spacecraft.

Choose between the mid-range Gladiator EVO series and the high-end premium Gunfighter Mk.IV series.
The Gladiator series provides a smooth stick movement using adjustable dry-clutches.
The Gunfighter series features the most sophisticated base available in the market. An all-metal gimbal with adjustable axis dampers, swappable springs for soft to hard throws and exchangeable cams for progressive or linear loading provide the most amazing flight experience you could dream of.

We recommend the Space Combat Edition SCG grip in both series as they are available in right and left hand grips.

Explore the Gladiator EVO SCG Premium here for the dominant hand, and the Gladiator EVO Omni Throttle here for the non-dominant or both hands.

Explore the Gunfighter SCG Premium here for both hands.
The Omni Throttle Adapter for Gunfighter Mk.IV has not been released yet but is expected to become available in September 2023..

To add the ultimate precision to your Gunfighter controller (straight stick only), you may add a 100mm or 200mm stick extension (click here).

Step 2 - Add rudder pedals

The T-Rudder adds an immersive level to your space sim experience.
If you require control over an additional axis in your spacecraft, please consider the T-Rudder and make your feet work in coordination with your hands.

Click here to explore.

Step 3 - Add flight controls and panels

Whilst primarily designed for flight sim, the GNX modules are highly configurable (additional axes and buttons) and may well provide you with augmented controls in your spacecraft.
It means no more guessing keyboard strokes to manipulate secondary flight controls.
Click here to explore.

Step 4 - Mount your controllers to the perfect height and position

The Universal Controller Mount positions your controller at the perfect height in an ergonomic setup. They are available for both Gladiator and Gunfighter controllers.
Your arms and shoulders will thank you after many hours exploring the universe!
Click here to view the mounts and accessories.

I have further questions or need other support!

We know this is a lot of information, but rest assured we are here to help.
Send us a message at VKB Support ( and one of our friendly team members will get back to you the same or next business day.